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Find Missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco!

Find Missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco!

Find Missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco!

Find missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco!
His loved ones are gravely concerned about his safety.
For Sergio has severe bipolar disorder and he
Can be anywhere in the United States.

Find Missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco!

Find missing Sergio de Leon Pacheco! Pacheco was was seen on June 22, 2017, in Kansas City, Kansas. Reportedly, Sergio suffers from severe bipolar disorder (BPD). And according to reports, he frequently forgets his identity and whereabouts. Also, he often forgets the identities of his family members. It’s unknown if these memory issues are connected with his bipolar disorder. He’s without needed medication he takes. His loved ones are gravely concerned about his safety. THey know that Sergio can be anywhere in the country.

Sergio De Leon Pacheco is a Latino male who is Hispanic in ethnicity. He’s described as 6’2″ tall and 180 pounds. Sergio has black hair and dark brown eyes. Reportedly, Pacheco keeps his head shaved bald. Sergio has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. No description is provided. He is currently without his needed medication. Sergio may be driving the navy blue 4×4 Ford Ranger pictured in the top posters. Available information indicates that Sergio may be living as a homeless person.

Find Missing Sergio De Leon Pacheco!

The family of Sergio de Leon Pacheco fear for his safety. He has severe bipolar disorder and obvious memory issues. And he is extremely vulnerable. Pacheco can be anywhere in the United States. His story is receiving no publicity. Missing men get little or no publicity or attention. And Sergio isn’t only a missing man. He is one with mental illness. Sergio de Leon Pacheco needs awareness and publicity. Someone knows something! Do you have information that can help find Sergio de Leon Pacheco? If so, you’re urged to contact Detective Carpenter with the KBI. Call at: (913) 573-6020

Sadly, no results came up when I did an Internet search, except for one result. It was from Missing and Homeless, Inc. and their tweet about Sergio de Leon Pacheco. And they have made a post about him on August 17, 2017. Other than that, information is quite limited in this case. This is the only confirmation I can find.

The above images and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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