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Find Missing Savana Fierro!

Find Missing Savana Fierro!

Find missing Savana Fierro!
She’s missing under unknown circumstances but
Her case is classified as endangered.
Savana is someone’s child and loved one!

Find Missing Savana Fierro!Details

Find Missing Savana Fierro! Savana, 16 years old, is missing from Jefferson County, Colorado. Reportedly, Savana was last seen in the City of Lakewood, which is in Jefferson County, Colorado. Savana went missing on July 18, 2017. Though police have classified her as endangered, no details have been released. When last seen, was Savana on foot or in a vehicle? Did she take anything with her? Who last saw her? All this is unknown. And no timeline of her disappearance is given.

Find Missing Savana Fierro!

Savana Fierro is a Caucasian female. She is described as 4’11” and 118 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are hazel. Savana was last seen wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She was also wearing a gray sweater. THere isn’t any information given about scars, tattoos, piercings, or birthmarks. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have them. Reportedly, Savana has ties to the Golden, Colorado area.

Find Missing Savana Fierro!
Awareness Needed

This is a limited information case. Police tell us that Savana is endangered. But zero details have been released At least she is getting local publicity. That is better than the case of the missing teen girl covered prior to Savana. And it’s linked to this post. (Below) But there is almost no information to go on. Nor do we know what to look for. Work with what we have and spread the word about Savana’s disappearance. Someone knows something about this! Have information that can help find Savana Fierro? If so, please contact the Lakewood Police Department. Call them at: (303) 987-7111. Have you seen her? Call 9-1-1!

This press release confirms that Savana is a missing teen. Click here to read the article.

This is another case of a teen getting little attention. Click here read about this missing teen girl.

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing,


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