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Find Missing Sasha Lee Naylor! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: MURDER CHARGES)***


Find Missing Sasha Lee Naylor!

Find missing Sasha Lee Naylor!
She may have been missing up to five months.
She was recently pregnant
And is expected to maybe have given birth.
And she was last seen behind the wheel
Five months ago.
A Silver Alert was issued one day ago.
Did she give birth?
Where is her baby?
Where is this missing young woman?

Find Missing Sasha Lee Naylor!

Find Missing Sasha Lee Naylor!

STANLY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA–A Silver Alert was issued on February 21, 2019 for Sasha Lee Naylor. Sasha was reported missing in Stanly County, North Carolina. Naylor is believed to be suffering from dementia or some other cognitive impairment. Her last contact was at the Community Inn in Albemarle, North Carolina on August 21, 2018. She was reported to be expecting a child with a due date in early February. Naylor has a few tattoos that she can be identified by including a barbed wire tattoo with “Juanita” on her ankle, a baby feet tattoo on her back, a shamrock tattoo on her hip and a “Catherine Mayo” tattoo on her left shoulder. Naylor was last seen wearing a cross necklace and officials say she is missing a front tooth. She was believed to be headed in the direction of Albemarle, North Carolina, Parkersburg, West Virginia or Vincent, Ohio. She was last known to be driving a brown or gold 1998 Ford Tempo with right side damage displaying Ohio license plate GRS-3043.

Sasha Lee Naylor is a Caucasian female. She is 25 years old. Sasha is described as 5’4″ tall and 140 pounds. Her hair is described as red and long and her eyes are hazel.

Find Missing Sasha Lee Naylor!

Sasha Lee Naylor has been missing for up to five months. But she is believed to have maybe recently have given birth. She is gone. In that case, where would her newborn baby be? Did Sasha keep in regular touch with her family? Did she actually give birth? IN that case, where is her baby? Did she leave of her own accord? What was her state of mind when she was last seen? Does Sasha know anyone who would have a motive to harm her? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Sasha Lee Naylor? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information, you should call the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office at 704-986-3700. If you see Sasha Lee Naylor, call 9-1-1 immediately!

This is a Facebook page for Sasha Lee Naylor. Use Facebook? Please “like” this page.
This is a press release about Sasha Lee Naylor’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
This is a press release about Sasha Lee Naylor’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
TRAGIC UPDATE: This is a press release about Sasha Lee Naylor’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
This is a Websleuths page about Sasha Lee Naylor’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
The above image and information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation.


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