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Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!

Find Missing Samantha Puckett!

Find missing Samantha Ann Puckett!
She has been missing for over a year.
One day, her family sensed that they have
Lost their contact with her.
Even before she disappeared, she
Was beaten and burned.
The suspected ended up killing himself.
But where is Samantha?

Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!

Find missing Samantha Ann Puckett! Samantha Puckett, has not had contact with her family since November 6 or 7, 2016. She is missing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police have listed her as a missing and endangered person. Puckett’s absence is “out of character,” and her family fears for her safety, according to police. A month prior to her disappearance, Samantha was beaten and burned. After Samantha went missing, police went to her boyfriend’s house to search it. He shot himself. Police have never released his name. Samantha was never found. At the discover of her unidentified boyfriend’s suicide. Samantha’s loved ones reacted with understandable anger and pain. On May 2017, a loved one posted on her Timeline.

Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!
According to Family

Scrolling thru this page brings me nothing but heartache an pain. The way you loved him no matter how many times an how bad he hurt u. To the point where he literally killed u. It hurts because when u were only 16/17 u seen me go thru this same type of “love”. I wish I coulda protected u. Smh. An I see ppl were celebrating the bitch JP Haney\Gladneys bday. Well we ur family are celebrating the day hell gained their devil. FUCK U JP! I know ur body is burning in hell as I type this while my angel is up in heaven with my daughter finally living lovely. I love u Sam. Always have. Now take care of Aniya for me. Kiss me an hug her for me. Until the day I can see u both again. 💔

Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!
Distinctive Body Features

Police described Puckett as a Caucasian female. She is 29 years old. Samantha is about 5’8″ tall tall and about 150 pounds. Her hair is blonde with pink roots. According to NamUs, her hair is brown. Reportedly, Samantha is known to dye her hair different colors. She was last known to be platinum blonde with pink roots. Her hair has also been red in color. And her eyes are blue. Reportedly, Samantha has a recent (prior to her disappearance) burn scar on her chest in between the “G” and “L” of her tattoo. Samantha has a recent (prior to her disappearance) recent burn scar on her right wrist. She reportedly burned with a heated fork prior to her disappearance.

Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!

Samantha Ann Puckett has tattoos. She has the word “Mrs. Gladney” tattooed on her chest. Samantha has the word “JP” tattooed on her chest. On her inner left arm, Samantha has the word “Ashlee” tattooed. She has the “MEKO” tattoo on her right calf and the “MEKA” tattoo on her right hip. She has an unfinished rose tattoo on her back. It is outlined but not completely finished. On May 31, 2016, Samantha experienced a right nasal bone fracture (via CT
Samantha’s fingerprint information is available and entered in Namus. Likewise, her dental information / charting is available and entered in NamUs.

Find Missing Samantha Ann Puckett!

The loved ones of Samantha Ann have been missing her for over a year. The person believed to be responsible for her disappearance has taken his life. Her loved ones are certain that he has murdered her. But she has never been found. Many details exist that only the suspect himself may know. But he has eliminated his witness. Does that mean that Samantha Ann Puckett can never be found? It may make it harder to find her. But in her NamUs database, her dental and fingerprinting information are available to investigators. It may be possible to match her with an unidentified person of her description. IT may be possible to match Samantha Ann Puckett on NamUs or on the the Doe Network.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Samantha Ann Puckett? Do you have any information about the suspect in her case who had killed himself? If you have information, you may contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 918-596-COPS (2677). You may submit your tip online at p3tips.com/918. Or you can forward your tip (s) through the Tulsa Tips app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes. NamUs MP # 36409

Samantha’s loved ones have been worried about her safety from the beginning of her disappearance. Click here to and learn more.
The suspect in Samantha Puckett’s case committed suicide. Click here to and learn more.
Samantha Puckett’s case has been entered in her NamUs Database.
Samantha Puckett’s Facebook page is the main information source for this post.
The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.


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