Find Missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!

Find Missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!

Find missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!
Her daughter had gone missing in 2018.
But a couple of years earlier, she had gone missing.
Her husband claims that she had left him
And that she had simply run away.
Have police bought into this story?
In spite of the charges in his daughter’s past disappearance
Why has he not become a suspect in his wife’s case?
Where is Rosselys Felix Hernandez?

Find Missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!

Find Missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!

Missing Person: Rosselys Felix Hernandez
Missing Since
Missing From
Jupiter, Florida
Endangered Missing
Date of Birth
04/25/1986 (32 to 33 years old current age)
Age when last seen
30 years old
Height and Weight
5’4 – 5’7, 140 pounds
Clothing description when last seen
Distinguishing Characteristics
Hispanic female. Black hair, brown eyes. Hernandez is originally from the Dominican Republic. Her nickname is Rosi. Her ears are pierced.

Find Missing Rosselys Felix Hernandez!

Rosselys Felix Hernandez was last seen in Jupiter, Florida. This event occurred on November 28, 2016. She was living with her three children in a women’s shelter there at the time. She has never been heard from again. In December of that year, her estranged husband, Daniel Paul York, moved to Monticello, Kentucky. He moved to that area with Hernandez’s children and his stepchildren.

York and Hernandez had been married for less than a year by the time of her disappearance. In September 2016, York filed for custody of her three children. He claimed that she was an unfit mother who was suffering from untreated mental health problems.

The next day, Hernandez filed for two restraining orders, accusing York of physical abuse. She also said she believed he was sexually abusing her oldest child, a daughter who was then thirteen years old. A judge granted a restraining order against York. On November 14, Hernandez asked the court to dissolve the restraining order.

Hernandez disappeared two weeks later, and York suggested she might have simply left him. He said Hernandez needed “time to herself” and might have returned to her native Dominican Republic, and said she had “done this many times, just not for this long.”

Child protective services in Kentucky took custody of Hernandez’s children in February 2018. In March, Hernandez’s youngest daughter, age eleven, told her therapist that York had sexually assaulted her multiple times between early 2017 and early 2018. In April, the oldest daughter, now fifteen years old, ran away from her foster home to be with York.

The pair was located in Pulaski County, Kentucky in June. The girl was found hiding in a closet and was taken into protective custody. And York was charged with multiple counts of incest and rape. Messages from York were found on the child’s phone; they discussed the possibility of having a baby together.

Authorities haven’t named York a suspect in his wife’s disappearance. Nor have they said what they think happened to her. Hernandez’s sister in the Dominican Republic believes her disappearance is suspicious, as she describes her as a devoted mother who wouldn’t have abandoned her children. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

Find Missing Rosselys Felex Hernandez!

Rosselys Felix Hernandez has been missing for over two years. Her case got little attention until her daughter went missing and received massive attention and publicity. Her daughter has been found safe. However, Rosselys herself remains missing. Police have never named her husband as a suspect in her case, despite his bizarre behavior and charges in his daughter’s past disappearance. Hopefully, police do not buy his story about how Rosselys vanished. And. hopefully, they are fully investigating the disappearance of Hernandez. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Rosselys Felix Hernandez? Do you have any information about her husband, Daniel Paul York, or anyone else who may be involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information, please contact the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (Florida) at: 1-561-688-4066 or 1-561-688-3000. You may contact Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-458-8477.

NamUs Case Number: MP42838
Agency Case Number: 18-050472

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