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Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

Find missing RoseMarie Timperley!
She has been missing for over a year.
Better known as Rose,
She is missing with special needs.
Where is Rose?
What happened to her?

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

Find missing RoseMarie Timperley! She is a young woman who has been missing for over a year. Rosemary Timperley is from Okmulgee, Oklahoma. She is better known as Rose. To her family and friends, she is “Rosey” or “Rosebud.” This young woman was last seen at 4:00 A.M. Some reports state that Rose was last seen between 4:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. She has been missing since February 2, 2016. When last seen, Rose was in the area of North Taft Avenue in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

What was this young woman wearing when last seen? Reports state that Rose was wearing a gray t-shirt. She was wearing pink Tweety bird pajama pants and tall tan boots. This missing young woman may be wearing a black jacket. Rose is believed to be wearing black framed glasses. And she has been known to wear wigs, which are also known as “extensions.” Rose was 20 years old when she went missing. Because of various developmental disabilities, she is classified as Vulnerable Missing.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!
Who is This Young Woman?

Rose’s family describe her as a beautiful young woman. She is much loved and missed be her family and friends. Below you can view posts from the Facebook page set up to find Rose. According to reports, Rose is affected by autism. Autism is a neurobiological disorder which affects the way a personal sees the word. And Rose also has schizophrenia. Due to cognitive impairments, reports state that Rose has the mental age of a 13-year-old or younger.

Before she vanished, Rose lived in a residential group home. She lived with other adults with mental disabilities. Little is known about her disappearance itself, or the nature of it. But from what I can glean from the Facebook page set up for her, foul play is suspected. Rose is described as 5’5″ and she weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown.

Earlier this year, 2017, Rose’s mom posted this meme, a tender tribute to her missing daughter.

Earlier this year, 2017, the first stepmother of Rose, Amy, made a beautiful photo for Rose. It is found below.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!
Family Efforts to Find Her

The family of this young woman have been pro-active in the effort to find this missing loved one. Judging from comments on the missing page for this young woman, Rose’s family have encountered social media obstacles. It is Rose’s dad who reports that Facebook has hindered his effort to circulate the word about his daughter’s disappearance. He reports having been placed in “Facebook jail.” (Facebook jail is a term for Facebook blocks from using all their features). I suspect that this may be one reason that I wasn’t aware of this young woman’s case until a few days ago.

In italics, I have been told these things by the family. Actually, this is these are the words of Rose’s dad, John Timperley. em>Actually to be truthful it’s been mostly myself Sasha my third wife and Amy second wife. Although it’s not important to number how many marriages I’ve had but just trying to get you an idea. Also Sasha gets the credit for the multiple signs with Whistler and Stokely as well as I forgot whose out of Broken Arrow Lamar

Rose’s dad, John Timperley, also reports the biological mom has not been active “as far as the Facebook page is concerned.” He and Shannon have been proactive in the search for Rose. He alleges that Rose’s birth mom has come out for “only one flyer handout” in Okmulgee. And she refused to provide a DNA sample to the proper entity to rule out her missing daughter.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!

The system fails some missing people and their families. Has it failed Rose and her family? Her parents have expressed frustration with the slow pace of law enforcement’s investigation. The family has sought to get legislation, bearing Rose’s name, to be made into law. It would be known as the “Rose Alert.” All leads that investigators have received, have been dead ends. On the other hand, police have recently found unidentified human remains believed to be Rose. But no known updates have been forthcoming.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!
Family Advocacy

The family of Rose has been a strong voice for their missing daughter. They has started an advocacy effort for missing persons with mental disabilities. This is what I gleaned from her comments on the Facebook page. Rose’s family developed her proposed program through the Tulsa Mental Health Association. Her dad, however, says the effort has been unsuccessful. And phone calls have not been returned. (Source: Private Facebook message). A billboard, sponsored through Stokely Outdoor Advertising, has been created in the search for Rose. Family and friends have had nonprofits create multiple posters for Rose. And they have held many events in her honor.

Find Missing RoseMarie Timperley!
How We Can Help

Don’t let Rose slip between the cracks. Missing persons cases do not get equal resources or publicity. But every one of them has someone (s) who love and miss them. On August 23, 2016, Rose’s mom shares how she cried when her daughter passed her first birthday after her disappearance. Somewhere, someone (s) know where Rose is. Someone (s) know what has happened to her. Someone (s) can end this family’s nightmare. Our shares can help bring Rose home. Have information that can help locate Rose? You are asked to contact (918) 756-4311 or 9-1-1.

John Timperley, father of missing Rose Timperley, has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser. Rose’s parents have wanted to be able to hire a private investigator for her search. click here and learn more.

The above top image and information are courtesy of Faithfully Found, Inc.

The second image is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

Information here can be found on the Facebook page set up to find Rose. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.


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