Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!
Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Find missing Ronald Allen Douglass!
He was performing and traveling at the time
With a music singing trio.
Another member of that group gave police his version of events
About how Douglass went missing.
Douglass supposedly stayed at a motel with him and his family.
When he and his wife returned from an errand, Douglass was gone.
What actually happened over 35 years ago?
Where is Ronald Allen Douglass?

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass! Ronald Allen Douglass has been missing since March 1, 1983. He is missing from Springfield, Missouri. Ronald Allen Douglass is classified as an endangered missing person. His year of birth is 1943. At the time of his disappearance, Douglass was 39 years old. His current age is 74 years old. Ronald Allen Douglass is a Caucasian male. He is described as 5’6″ tall and 175 pounds at the time of his disappearance. His hair is brown and his eyes are blue.

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Ronald Allen Douglass has been brain-damaged from polio, meningitis and encephalitis. He is required to utilize walking canes for mobility and occasionally uses a wheelchair. And he is also blind in his left eye. Douglass may have a mustache. He has short and stubby feet, scars on both of his ankles, and moles on his back and on his buttocks. His head is enlarged. His nickname is Ron. It is unknown what Douglass was wearing when he was last seen.

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Ronald Allen Douglass was last seen sometime during March 1983 in Springfield, Missouri. He was performing and traveling in the Midwest with The Whitey Gleason Trio. They were an evangelistic musical group. Gleason told authorities that Douglass stayed at a motel in the area with he and his family.

Gleason said that he and his wife visited a nearby store during the day. And they discovered Douglass had disappeared by the time they returned. All of his personal belongings were also missing.

Gleason produced a note purportedly written by Douglass. It stated that he was planning to travel on his own and would be in contact shortly. He also thanked Gleason for caring for him. Douglass has never been heard from again.

Douglass’s mother hired a private investigator during the following years. And she cooperated with Missouri, Texas and Kansas authorities. Douglass has ties to Texas. And his mother resided in Kansas in 1983. No evidence was produced to led to her son’s whereabouts.

Missouri officials received a tip. It indicated that Douglass may have resided in the Springfield area in 1983. The information was proven to be false. Douglass’s last contact was with his mother via letter, which she received on February 17, 1983. She described her son as an independent person. His case remains unsolved.

Some agencies may list Texas as the state Douglass disappeared from. Texas and Kansas authorities are investigating his case.

Find Missing Ronald Allen Douglass!

Ronald Allen Douglass has been missing for over 35 years. What a frustrating case this is. This man just vanished one day and has never been seen again. And there are zero clues about what could have happened. What state of mind was Douglass in when he was last seen? Did he act depressed or upset about anything? What role, if any, would Whitey Gleason have had in Douglass’s disappearance? What actually happened? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Ronald Allen Douglass? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for his disappearance?

If you have any information, please contact:
Agency Name: Texas Department of Public Safety
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 512-424-5074 or 800-346-3243
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: M9504001

Texas Department of Public Safety 800-346-3243
Kansas Bureau of Investigation 785-296-7785

Agency Name: Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Agency Contact Person: Special Agent John Gauntt
Agency Phone Number: 785-296-7785

Agency Case Number: 9900120623
NCIC Case Number: M-485067682
NamUs Case Number: 9088

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