Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!

Missing, Unidentified, and Victims

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!

Find missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!
She has been missing for 20 years.
She was last seen being forced into a vehicle.
Ad she has never been heard from again.
Where is Rebecca?

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!

Find missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid! Rebecca Kathleen Reid has been missing since January 27, 1997. She is missing from Eugene, Oregon. She is classified as an endangered missing missing person. Rebecca was born in the year 1959. At the time of her disappearance, Reid was 37 years old. Her current age is 57 years old. Rebecca Kethleen Reid is a Caucasian female. She id described as 5’2″ tall and 120 pounds. Rebecca has brown hair and brown eyes.

Rebecca Reid wears gold wire-rimmed eyeglasses. Bother her ears are pierced. Her nickname is Becky. When last seen, Reid was wearing a turquoise pullover sweater and jeans. She was also wearing blue and white sneakers.

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!

It was the year 1997. Rebecca Reid was working at the Grocery Cart convenience store as the manager. This convenience store was located on Oregon Highway 99 in Eugene, Oregon. At approximately 1:00 A.M. on January 27, 1997, a bystander was collecting beer bottles. This witness saw an unidentified Caucasian male forcibly taking Reid out of the store. Then he forced her into his vehicle. This was just before it was time for the store to close. A sketch of the suspect was created. Authorities believe that the male was trying to rob the store at the same time that he abducted Reid.

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!
Suspect Descriptions

The suspect is described as approximately 5’9″ tall. His weight range is 165 to 185 pounds. Authorities describe him as being in his late twenties to mid-thirties. The unidentified male is described as having shoulder-length brown hair. Authorities describe him as having a mustache with facial stubble in January 1997. The suspect was wearing a dark-colored baseball cap. He was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and jeans. The male’s vehicle, used to abduct Reid, is described as an early 1970’s to early 1980’s pickup truck.

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!
Vehicle Descriptions

It is described as compact or mid-size. The vehicle is white or white-colored. It has a horizontal blue stripe that is approximately an estimated eight inches wide. It runs the length of the driver’s side. Reportedly, the stripe appeared to be at an even height with the top of the truck’s bed. The vehicle may have a white canopy at cab height. It reportedly covers bed. The truck reportedly didn’t have an extended cab or a slider. It looked like the front seat was at an even height with the bottom of the rear window. Ths means that it can be a bench seat.

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!
Other Victims?

There may be other victims. A month after Rebecca Reid was abducted, a similar crime almost happened. At a nearby grocery store, a man tried to abduct another woman at knife-point. The woman escaped and the suspect was arrested and convicted. Investigators have tried to connect the unidentified male to Rebecca Reid’s abduction. But they have not named him as a suspect in her disappearance. Rebecca Reid is described as a “bubbly, outgoing woman.” She was married in 1997 and the mom of a teenage son. She graduated from Thurston High School.

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!

Suspect Sketch in Rebecca Kathleen Reid Disappearance

Find Missing Rebecca Kathleen Reid!
How We Can Help

Rebecca Kathleen Reid has been missing for 20 years. Her family have known just enough to determine that she was in danger. They still have no answers. The suspect is still at large and has not spent a day behind bars for what he did. His vehicle still hasn’t been located. And there may be other victims. With this going on, it’s hard to believe that Rebecca’s case has received so little publicity. Few results come up in searches. This is foul play that puts others at risk. Another, younger woman, disappeared under similar circumstances more recently. But her case received massive publicity. What is the disconnect? All missing people are equally important!

Someone (s) knows something that can finally solve Rebecca’s disappearance. Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Rebecca Kathleen Reid? Do you have any information about the suspect in the sketch above? If so, refer to the contact information below.

Eugene Police Department
Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The above information and image suspect sketch are found on Rebecca’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The above top image is courtesy of Rebecca’s NamUs Database.

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