Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Find missing Pearl Pinson!
She has been missing for one year!
Her kidnapper has been found deceased.
But Pearl’s whereabouts remain a mystery.
Her kidnapper may not be the only who knows what happened to her.
Others may have information.
Don’t give up on Pearl Pinson!

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
A Heartbreaking Annual Date

Find missing Pearl Pinson! May 25 marked the first “anniversary” since Pearl, from Bay City, was last seen. Her alleged kidnapper had died in a Solvang shootout. Pearl has never been found. Her family, however, hasn’t given up keeping her from being forgotten. When last seen, Pearl was on her way to school in Vallejo. That morning, witnesses reported seeing an armed man dragging Pinson, screaming and bleeding, off a freeway overpass near her bus stop.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
The Amber Alert

An AMBER ALERT was issued. A day later, cops found the car of Pearl Pinson’s alleged abductor. His name was Fernando Castro and he was 19 years old. He was traveling south on Highway 101, north of Los Alamos. The cops chased the suspect as they exited the freeway in Buellton. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies cornered Castro in a Solvang neighborhood. They exchanged fire, and Castro died from gunshot wounds.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Agony of Teen’s Family N Friends

The suspect has taken the answers to his grave. As Pearl remains missing, family and friends’ agony goes on. Month after month, on the 25th. prayer vigils and walks keep Pearl’s name out there. Her family, friends, and total strangers take part. Sorrow has drawn them together. Rose Pinson, Pearl’s 18 year old older sister, says: “”It’s honestly hard for us each day. Because we don’t know where she’s at. Or even if she’s OK. It’s hard for our family because we don’t have the answers we need.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Rose Pinson Leads In Her Sister’s Search

Rose Pinson created 1000s of flyers and banners. She distributed them all over California, seeking to bring her sister home. She blitzes her sister’s story all over social media, with multiple posts. “When I wake up until I go to bed, I’m always on it, always,” Rose says. “People can help by sharing posts and distributing flyers. If you see someone who looks like her, call somebody and let them know. Anything can help.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Family EFforts

Pearl’s family planned to gather at her favorite spot: the Vallejo Little League baseball field. This would mark a prayer vigil for her missing anniversary. The Solano County Sheriff’s Detective Sean Matteson said: “The family’s done a pretty good job in keeping her name out there. At this point, it’s just keeping her name out there. And, hopefully, somebody sees something. Or knows something. And then contacts us and and we can follow up and try to find her.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Timeline O Disappearance N Afterward

Since 7:00 A.M., may 25, 2016, Pearl Pinson hasn’t been seen. Gunshots fired on a pedestrian overpass were reported to the Solano County Sheriff’s deputies. A witness told cops that the girl had blood on her face and screamed for help. A man was pulling her with a gun. Investigators later found, on the ground at the scene, what they thought was blood. The AMBER ALERT identified the suspect’s car. It was an older model gold Saturn. On May 26, just after 3:00 P.M., a California Highway Patrol officer spotted the vehicle near Los Alamos and chased it.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Suspect Suicide By Cop

Then the driver got off the freeway in Buellton. And he headed east on Highway 246 into Solvang. And then he crashed the car into a barricade near Rancho Santa Ynez Mobile Estates. This was in the 100 block of Val Verde. There the man shot at pursuing cops. Then he broke into a trailer. The resident, uninjured, fled. About 4:00 P.M., the suspect stole a pickup truck. It was from the neighborhood. And he started driving back to Fjord Drive. There, he again exchanged shots with authorities. Then he slumped over the steering wheel. Later, inside the stolen truck, Carlos was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

After the shootout, seven involved cops were placed on administrative leave. The District Attorney’s Office analysis shooting is currently pending. Rose Pinson said of Castro: “We have so many mixed emotions about this. Because, one, he had answers and the police knew that. Two, unfortunately, he did get what he deserved. But at the same time, it should not have been right away. Because of my sister and her whereabouts.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Details N Investigation

Pinson would now be 16. She is described as a 5’3″ Caucasian female. Her hair is brown but dyed green. Her eyes are green. Pearl has a lower lip piercing. And she was last seen wearing a gray sweater and black leggings. Pinson had a black and turquoise backpack. Because of donations, a $10,000 is offered for information that can locate Pearl. Months after the investigation, investigators couldn’t find any prior connection between Castro and Pinson.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Mysterious Disappearance

Mysteriously missing! Rose Pinson said:”Going through her phone and his phone they found nothing at all. No contact, no social media information. Nothing that they knew each other at all.”
“Going through her phone and his phone they found nothing at all,” Rose Pinson said. “No contact, no social media information, nothing that they knew each other at all.” Mattson agreed.
He said: “It’s just a mystery as to why her. There’s just no connection.”

Investigators have exhausted prior tips. They keep chasing new ones. And they review old tips. Mattson said that, recently, he got a photo from a woman who thought she saw the girl in Fontana. It wasn’t Pinson.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Right After the Kidnapping

After the alleged kidnapping, investigators believed that Castro seemed to drive to Sonoma County. The next morning, in Bodega Bay, he was seen at a gas station. “I believe he went up there,” Mattson said. “I just don’t know precisely where he may have taken her.” Searchers focused on Jenner in the days after the abduction. Jenner is a rural coastal village near the mouth of the Russian River. But there was no sign of Pearl.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Tiny drops of blood were found in the trunk of Castro’s car. According to Rose Pinson, tests were done on them and tests show that they belonged to Rose. Investigators can’t tell if Pinson is alive or dead. I hope she is (alive), Mattson said. “I don’t have evidence that she’s not. I think as time goes on it seems less likely. It matters to hold out hope that she’s alive. But it also matters to be realistic. His whole response to everything indicates he did something pretty severe,” Mattson said of Castro.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Human Trafficking?

Rose Pinson has a theory. She says: “I suspect my sister is a human trafficking victim. Young girls who get taken end up forced into prostitution. I’s rather have my sister in sex trafficking and alive than somewhere dead. That’s my hope.” But Mattson says: “No evidence exists to support the sex trafficking theory.THere’s also no evidence anyone else was involved.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!

Why was Castro headed south? This remains unknown. Reports say he previously lived in San Diego and has family there. He had little crime in his background. But nothing indicated stalking or related crimes, according to Mattson. “Castro’s family has been more cooperative than I could have expected,” he said. “They just were very blindsided by it. They’ve expressed a concern and a concern to have Pearl found as well.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Who Is This Teen?

Joyce Mitchell and James Pinson, of Vallejo, have three children. Pearl is the middle child. Rose Pinson says: “My sister is honest and loves to surround herself with friends. She was a tomboy, but also was a girly-girl type of person. She loved to skateboard all the time. She was an amazing artist. She just looked at a picture and she’d draw it right up. She loved to go to the beach all the time. She was always outside. If she wasn’t outside she didn’t feel complete.

Rose Pinson continues: “Doing hair, makeup and manicures were favorite pastimes. If I was able to talk to Pearl, I’d tell her that I love her. And to stay strong. And I will find her,” Rose got quite emotional as her voice broke.

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
Current Investigation

Mattson says efforts in other, similar, investigations didn’t work for this one. “But our agency wants to find Pinson very badly. It’s going to take a community effort. That’s what it comes down to. Someone’s going to have to know something. And then I can do all legal legwork I need to do. Someone’s going to have to crack the door open a little bit so we can open it up.”

Find Missing Pearl Pinson!
We Can Help Find Her

A family has been going through their worst nightmare for a year. Pearl has a family who loves and misses her. And they have remained pro-active in the effort to find her and make sure her case doesn’t become cold. Below I link to their Facebook page, where you can get updates. Above are flyers which you can click, download, and print. Use them on blogs and websites. Share them on social networks. Though the person with answers is gone, others may have information! Share to reach them.

If you have seen Pinson, you are advised to call 9-1-1 without delay. And if you have tips or leads that can locate her, call the Solano County Sheriff’s Department at: (707) 421-7090.

Pearl Pinson’s family have a Facebook page for her missing case. This sample post says it all.

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Use Facebook? Consider “liking” this page.

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