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Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Find missing Patricia Elayne Action!
She has been missing for almost 40 years.
She has been missing longer than she has been seen alive.
Back then, she was a young woman.
And she had most of her life ahead of her.
Where is Patricia Elayne Action?

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Find missing Patricia Elayne Action! Patricia Elayne Action has been missing since May 26, 1978. She is missing from Clearwater, Florida. Patricia Elayne Action is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1953. At the time of her disappearance, Action was 25 years old. Her current age is 65 years old. Patricia Elayne Action is a Caucasian female. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. Patricia is described as 5’4″ tall and approximately 96 pounds. Action is required to take medication for unspecified reasons. She has a scar on her abdomen. Her nicknames are Patsy and Patty, and she may use the last name Woodyard. Her blood is type O. When last seen, Action was wearing a beige jumpsuit with pink, green and yellow stripes. Carrying a brown shoulder bag.

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Patricia Elayne Action was last seen leaving the Ramada Inn Lounge. The hotel was located on U. S. 19 north and State Route 60 in Clearwater. Patricia had been last seen at 11:30 P.M. on May 26, 1978. She has never been heard from again. Action had moved in with her parents six weeks before her disappearance. She did so after she filed for divorce and was forced to drop out of Stetson University due to an illness. She had recently taken a job at the Kapok Tree Inn. She had just gotten her paycheck and had gone out that night to celebrate with friends. Her parents stated they did not attempt to control her life. But she was always good about keeping them informed where she was and what she was doing. Her parents reported her missing the day after she was last seen.

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Four days after Action’s disappearance, her car was found abandoned. IT’s described as a white two-door 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle or Chevrolet Malibu. It turned up abandoned on U.S. 19 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She had been raised in that city and graduated from Tarpon Springs High School. A substantial amount of type O blood was spattered inside the vehicle and on the front seat. There was enough blood to indicate whoever’s it was had sustained a severe injury. Authorities couldn’t determine whether it was Action’s blood. However, it was her type. Her shoes were also inside the car, but there was no indication of her whereabouts at the scene.

Action is considered to be missing under suspicious circumstances. And foul play is suspected in her case, which remains unsolved.

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!
Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Find Missing Patricia Elayne Action!

Patricia Elayne Action has been missing for almost 40 years. She will reach her 40th annual missing date in late May 2018. At her disappearance, Action was a young woman and had the possibility of a long life. That is gone. She went missing at a time when it was “the dark ages” forensics, DNA, and technology were concerned. Her family deserve answers after all those years of silence and no clues. Have some of Action’s loved ones had to die without learning what happened to her? Should those still living have to do so? They need not. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Patricia Elayne Action? Do you have information about the blood found in her vehicle? Her ex-husband? If you have any information about her case, please contact the Clearwater Police Department at: (727) 562-4080. N You can contact their non-emergency number at: (727) 562-4242.

The above information can be found on Patricia Elayne Action’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International.

The top image is courtesy of Patricia Elayne Action’s NamUs Database.

The second and third images are courtesy of Paticia Elayne Action’s Doe Network database.


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