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Find Missing Paighton Laine Houston! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***


Find missing Paighton Laine Houston!
She was last seen leaving a bar.
But she did not leave alone.
She left with two unidentified males.
Later, she sent her family alarming texts.
She indicated that she was in trouble
And did not know where she was.
It has been four days
Since her loved ones last saw her.
It has been four days
Since her loved ones heard from her.
Where is this missing young woman?

Find Missing Paighton Laine Houston!

Find Missing Paighton Laine Houston!

Missing Person: Paighton Laine Houston
Missing Age: 29 years
Missing From: Birmingham, Alabama
Last seen December 20th, 2019

A search is underway for a Trussville woman who disappeared after leaving a bar in Birmingham’s Lakeview District.

Paighton Laine Houston, 29, was last seen Friday night at Tin Roof in the 2700 block of Seventh Avenue South. According to Birmingham police, she left the bar about 10:45 p.m. with two heavy-set black males. Sgt. Johnny Williams said it was reported that Houston left the location willingly with the two men.

Friends on Facebook said that she didn’t know the men and that the last text message from her to a friend stated she didn’t know where she was and she felt she might be in trouble. Family said she has not used her bank account since she disappeared and said her phone is going straight to voicemail.

Paighton Laine Houston, 29, has been missing since Friday, Dec. 20, 2019 after leaving Tin Roof in Birmingham’s Lakeview District.

Houston was wearing ripped blue jeans, a coral colored tee-shirt and blue Converse shoes. She is described as a white female, 5-feet, 2-inches tall and weighs 123 pounds.

TRAGIC UPDATE: A Facebook page I was not aware existed for Paighton Laine Houston has posted:

Hi, everyone. We just wanted to say thank you for the incredible amount of love and support you’ve given us throughout these tragic times.

For those that don’t know, the authorities found Paighton yesterday; however, she won’t be coming back in the way we had so dearly hoped.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Paighton’s friends and family.

This page will now be dedicated to the loving memory of Paighton Laine Houston.

Though we all want justice, we kindly ask that any and all speculation, details, opinions, and/or theories surrounding the case NOT be discussed here. Remember, we’re not here to point fingers or offer conjecture, but to cherish the memories of our dear friend. If anyone has information helpful to the case, we ask that you talk to the Birmingham Police directly at (205) 297-7413.

We ask this out of respect for Paighton and her family and friends.

Again, thanks to everyone for your continued prayers, messages, love and support!

Find Missing Paighton Laine Houston!

Paighton Laine Houston has been missing for four days. She was last seen with two unknown men. Police stess that she left with them “willingly.” But when she sends her family troubling text messages later, it should not matter if she left willingly or not. How did Paighton meet these two unknown men? Could she have met them online before she met them in the flesh? Did she take any personal belongings with her? If so, what? What connections may she or they have? Where would they be? What was her state of mind when she was last seen when she left the bar with the unknown men??

Did someone approach Paighton, groom her, and lure her to vanish in order to be in their company? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Paighton Laine Houston? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for her disappearance?

Anyone with information on Houston’s whereabouts is asked to call Birmingham police at 205–297-8413 or 911. If you have additional information on this investigation, contact Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777. You may contact your local law enforcement. If you see Paighton Laine Houston, call 9-1-1 immediately!

TRAGIC UPDATE: A body found in a shallow grave has been confirmed to belong to Paighton Laine Houston. Click here to learn more.
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The above second image and information are courtesy of MISSING PERSONS CASES NETWORK via their Facebook page.


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