Find Missing Nicholas Holt! ***(UPDATED POLICE CONTACT INFORMATION)***

Find Missing Nicholas Holt!

Find Missing Nicholas Holt!
He has been missing for one month.
He is missing with what are called
Serious medical needs.
Where is Nicholas Holt?

Find Missing Nicholas Holt!

Find Missing Nicholas Holt!

NICHOLAS “NICK” HOLT- Washington, D.C.
Last Contact- 7/2/18 Missing with serious medical needs

WASHINGTON, DC/MARYLAND/PRINCE GEORGE-Nicholas Holt last made contact with someone on July 2nd. But he has not been heard from since. The last confirmed in person sighting was May 30th. Nick’s phone stopped receiving messages on Facebook July 7th 2018, and no contact has been able to been made with him since then.

According to a family members post, Nick moved to the D.C. area about 8 months ago. His last form of a known residence was a tent he was sleeping out of. It is somewhere near what his family believe to be Prince George. His last known form of employment was Uber and he gave his last Uber ride in June 22nd near Arlington. No other Uber data is available afterwards. He drives a white 2010 Honda Fit with South Carolina plates 4991JN.

The family of Nicholas Holt are attempting to work with local DC and Prince George authorities. According to them, they are doing so with limited success.

Nicholas Holt is a Caucasian male. He goes by Nick, his nickname and is 24 years old. Nicholas is described as 6’1″ tall and his build is called thin. His hair is described as dark blond and his eyes are described as brown/green.

Find Missing Nicholas Holt!

Nicholas Holt has been missing for one month. This passage of time also includes a holiday, the Fourth of July. If he is without needed medications, could he have had some kind of medical event? A post from his family indicates that he may, at one time, have been homeless. This is a limited information case. Was Nicholas depressed at the time of his last contact? Does he know anyone who would have any motive to harm him? He has been an Uber driver. Could have have encountered foul play, whether on or off the job? Nothing has shown up in any Internet search, unfortunately.

This is updated contact information if you have any information about the whereabouts of Nicholas Holt or his case:

Detective Israel James
Desk: (202) 576-7487
Cell: (202) 740-1602

If you see Nicholas Holt, call 9-1-1 immediately!

A Facebook group page has been set up for Nicholas Holt. It is an information source. Use Facebook? Please “Join” this group.
The above image and additional information are courtesy of Still Gone-Missing Persons Cases.

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