Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!

Find missing Nefertiri R. Trader!
Hers was a witnessed abduction that was misken for something else.
She is the mother of three children who need her.
She is better known as Neffie.
She may have been forced into her own vehicle.
What actually happened when she went missing three years ago?

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!

Find missing Nefertina R. Trader! She has been missing since June 29, 2014. Her family Facebook page gives the date as the next day, June 30. Trader is missing from New Castle, Delaware. Her case classification is Endangered Missing. Nefertiri was 33 years old when she was last seen. Today she is 36 years old. Nefertiri is an African-American female. She is described as 5’6″ and weighs 125 pounds. Trader has brown hair and brown eyes. She has tattoos on her left arm. She also has them lower back and on the right side of her chest. At her disappearance, she was wearing a pink sweatshirt. Her nickname is Neffie.

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!

Trader was last seen outside her home in the Saddlebrook area. It was located in NewCastle, Delaware and off Christiana Road. Neffie was last seen on June 29, 2014. A neighbor in the first block of Freedom Trail, looked out the window at 4:00 A.M. And this witness saw a man dragging a woman, whom he later identified as Trader, to a car. This witness had not contacted the police. This was because he believed that the man was taking the woman to a hospital.

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!

Neffie’s mother went to her daughter’s home at 6:00 P.M. That was shortly after Trader was supposed to have returned home from work. Her mother discovered cigarettes, coffee, and a single unopened condom, on a chair on the porch. Lying on the ground in the front yard was a loaf of bread that someone had stepped on. Her daughter’s flip-flops were next to the front door. The house was deserted. It was at this time that Neffie’s mother reported her as missing.

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!
What Could Have Happened?

The family of Nefertiri Trader have a theory of her disappearance. They believe that she had left the house to to get something at the nearby convenience store. And they believe that at happened when she was in her front yard. It was there that she was abducted and forced into her own vehicle. This was after she arrived home. Neffie’s car is described as a silver 2000 Acura RL. And it had the Delaware License Plate Number 404893. Trader has never been heard from again and her car has never been found. A photo of a similar vehicle is below.

Find MIssing Nefertiri Trader!

Representation of Car that Nefertiri R. Trader was Kidnapped In

Before her disappearance, Trader was employed in the housekeeping department. She worked at Christiana Hospital. And she was on medical leave at the time of her disappearance. She has three children and neither they nor anyone else have ever heard from her again.

A Facebook page has been set up for this missing mother of three. And this status update was posted in 2016.

Share this information as much as possible) #KIDNAPPED: The #FBI and New Castle County Police #JOINEDFORCES to help solve the case in the #DISAPPEARANCE of Neffie Trader, a #MOTHER of three KIDNAPPED and #TAKEN against her will on June 30, 2014. According to an #EYEWITNESS, Neffie was dragged from her porch and #FORCED into her #SILVER 2000 Acura RL #DE404893.
Police describe her as a black female, 5’6” approximately 130 lbs. She has brown hair, and brown eyes, with tattoos on her right chest, right arm, and lower back. Please #SHARE this post with as MANY PEOPLE as you can and ASK OTHERS to do the same.
There’s a #REWARD up to $30,000 If you have any information regarding her whereabouts. PLEASE call #DET. #DiSabatino at (302) 395-8110 or
1-800-CALL-FBI or email

Find Missing Nefertiri R. Trader!
How We Can Help

Over three years have gone by and still no answers. But the long-term abductions of Jaycee Dugard, and of Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight, show that there is always hope. Perhaps Neffie will be another such success story. And so just because foul play is suspected in her disappearance, it doesn’t mean to ever give up hope that they can be found alive. Someone (s) knows about the car that has never been located. And someone (s) knows about the person (s) who kidnapped Neffie. People know where she is. Are you one who has such information? You are advised to contact the New Castle County Police DEpartment. Call them at: (302)395-2781 or 9-1-1. And options for contacting the FBI are below.

You can contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

This is a Facebook page set up in the search for Nefertiri. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

Don’t have a Facebook account? THere is a website set up for Nefertiri. Click here and learn more.

This is the most recent press release about where the investigation is in the missing mom of three’s case.
Click here to read the article.

The above information can be found on Nefertiri’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top image and additional information are courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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