Find Missing Natalie Hallman!

Find Missing Natalie Hallman!

Find missing Natalie Hallman!
She is classified as a runaway.
She was last seen leaving her high school.
Later, she was sighted getting into a vehicle.
If a runaway, what is she running from?

Find Missing Natalie Hallman!

Find missing Natalie Hallman! Police have classified Natalie Hallman as an endangered runaway. She was last seen on November 3, 2017. At 7:52 A.M., Natalie was seen leaving Hardin County High School. And she was walking on South Street in Hardin County, Tennessee. A few hours later, it was reported that Natalie was seen getting into a Blue Mercury Marquis. It is believed that she may be traveling to Vance, Alabama. She is 17 years of age.

Find Missing Natalie Hallman!

Natalie Hallman is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’9.” Her weight is unknown. Natalie has dark brown hair and blue eyes. When she was last seen, Natalie was wearing black jeans and a gray North Face hoodie. She was wearing tan and pink camo boots. And she was carrying a jungle print Vera Bradley backpack. She is not described with any unique body marks, scars, piercings, or tattoos.

Find Missing Natalie Hallman!

This teen girl is one more example of unequal missing persons searches. In my Internet searches, I did not see even one result for her. The police department handling Natalie Hallman’s case have posted her case. And that is where I learned that she is classified as a runaway. It was impossible to find any of her family members on Facebook. We can be sure that they are going through every parent’s worst nightmare. Natalie’s home life and situation are unknown. If she got into a vehicle, it is unclear if she is actually a runaway. Someone (s) has information about this teen girl.

Find Missing Natalie Hallman!
Contact Information

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Natalie Hallman? Do you have any information about the identity of the driver of the vehicle she reportedly got into? If you have info, please contact Savannah Police Department at (731) 925-3200. OR you can contact: (731) 925-4989. If you have seen Natalie, the reported vehicle, or the driver of that vehicle? Call 9-1-1!

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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