Find Missing Nakia Williams! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***

Missing, Unidentified, and Victims


Find missing Nakia Williams!
She is missing from her home.
Nakia has autism which is not a disease.
It is a neurological condition that affects
How one sees the world, others and himself.
Also, Nakia may be with
An unidentified male.
She is doubly vulnerable.

Find Missing Nakia Williams!

Find Missing Nakia Williams! Nakia is missing from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was last seen at home on September 7, 2017. Her home is located on the 3700 block of Wiegon Lane in Charlotte, North Carolina.
She is considered an endangered missing person and urgently missing. Nakia Williams has autism, which is not a disease. It is a neurological condition which affects the way people the world, others, and themselves. She is considered to possibly need urgent medical attention. Autism may produce symptoms requiring medical condition..
And Nakia is believed to have been last seen by the unidentified male pictured below and in the top poster.

Nakia Williams is an African-American female. She is described as 5’3″ and 110 pounds. Her hair is black and her eyes are brown. Nakia’s hair is described as natural-style hair.

Below is a photo of the unidentified male whom Nakia is believed to be with. Her mother wants his image circulated in the campaign to identify him and find her daughter.

Find Missing Nakia Williams!

Autism is not a disease. The above poster stresses that Nakia may need medical attention because of her autism. It must be stressed that autism is not a disease but a neurological condition. It affects how people like Nakia see the world, others and themselves. Autism produces symptoms that can, in fact, require medical attention. And Nakia may not realize dangerous situations if she encounters them. Her family and others who care for Nakia state that she may need urgent medical attention. That is because they know her unique mix of autistic traits. Nakia is vulnerable because of her autism.

Find Missing Nakia Williams!
How We Can Help

Nakia Williams is even more vulnerable because she may be with an adult male. We know that these people don’t hang out with minors like Nakia to do good to them! He may or may not be aware of the publicity he is getting. Hopefully, this publicity will compel him to come forward, if he is with Nakia. We need to get his face out there so he can be identified and Nakia can be found safe and returned to her family. Do you have any information as to the whereabouts of Nakia Williams? Can you identify the male in the above photo? Do you know of any vehicle they may travel in?

Have info about Nakia? The unidentified male? Any vehicle they may travel in? Please contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department at (704) 336-7600 or Crime Stoppers at (704) 336-1600. Call 9-1-1 if you have seen Nakia and/or the unidentified male!

This police pdf poster, put up by the police department handling Nakia’s case, is the only known resource confirming that Nakia is missing. Click here to view it.

The stand-alone image of the above male is courtesy of the mother of Nakia Williams.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

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