Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!
She has been missing for 25 years.
Michelle has been missing
Six times longer than she was seen alive!

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano! Michelle has been missing since May 2, 1992. She is missing from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. Michelle’s case is classified as an endangered missing case. Delfi-Feliciano was born in the year 1988. At the time of her disappearance, Michelle was four years old. Her current age is 29 years old. Delfi-Feliciano is a Latino female of Hispanic origin. At the time of her disappearance, she was an even 3’0″ and 40 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are hazel/green.

Reportedly, Michelle’s upper teeth were deformed at the time of her 1992 disappearance. And it formed an open half-circle when biting. Michelle speaks English and Spanish. When last seen, Michelle was wearing a blue shirt and a denim skirt.

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!

It was May 2, 1992, in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano was last seen in the Barrio Jauca neighborhood, her hometown. It was about 45 minutes southwest of San Juan. Michelle was visiting her grandparents’ residence at the time. Apparently, she was abducted while playing in a neighbor’s front yard. This was at approximately 8:00 P.M. Reportedly, her grandfather heard an old car driving nearby. And when he came out to check on Michelle, she was gone. Information is limited in her case.

Michelle is described as an intelligent, playful, and affectionate child. She enjoyed riding her bicycle and playing outdoors in 1992.

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!

Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano was in the company of a family acquaintance some time after her initial disappearance. This has been established. This family acquaintance has since to Puerto Rico. But Michelle has not been located. It is believed that Michelle may be in a Puerto Rican community in Massachusetts, New York, or Florida. Reportedly, her family have ties to those regions of the United States. Michelle may also be in the Dominican Republic. Some have made a speculation. Maybe Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano’s father or someone from her father’s side of the family was involved in her disappearance. But this has not been proven. She may be disguised as a boy for a time after she went missing.

Find Missing Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano!

The family and friends of Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano have already been enduring their nightmare for 25 years. This was long before the weather disaster that hit their area in summer 2017. And, reportedly, many on that island will continue bearing the effects of the their weather disaster for many years to come. But Michelle’s loved ones are also dealing with a missing loved one. A double nightmare. All they have are theories not no evidence about what has happened to Michelle. If you have ties to Puerto Rico, your help is especially needed. Feel free to share freely to reach anyone who may have tips or leads.

Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano? If so, please contact: Federal Bureau Of Investigation:Puerto Rican Office at: 787-754-6000. Or you can contact the Puerto Rico Missing Children’s Clearinghouse. Contact them at: 787-721-7764 OR 800-995-6466.

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