Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!

Find missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!
She is better known as Angie.
She has been missing for over 14 years.
Her husband claimed that when he came home
He found her gone.
He knew nothing about where she was.

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell! Michelle Angela Yarnell has been missing since October 25, 2003. She is missing from Ivy Bend, Missouri. She is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1975. At the time of her disappearance, Angie was 28 years old. Her current age is 42 to 43 years of age. Michelle Angela Yarnell is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’0″ and 170 pounds. Her hair is described as light brown and her eyes as brown. Michelle wears contact lenses or eyeglasses with round, gold wire frames. Her tongue and ears are pierced. And she has small surgical scars on each side of her hip.

Michelle Angela Yarnell has three tattoos. They include a jagged barbed-wire fence in black ink around her right wrist. She has a green frog on her l
shoulder blade. And she has the word “obey”in black cryptic writing elsewhere on her body. Yarnell goes by her middle name, Angela, or Angie. When last seen, Angie was wearing possibly a white gold or silver watch. She wore an emerald earrings and white gold or silver bracelets on her right wrist.

Find Michelle Angela Yarnell!

Michelle Angela Yarnell was last seen at her home. It is located in the vicinity of the 3900 block of Ozark View Road in Ivy Bend, Missouri on October
25, 2003. Her husband of three years was Michael Shane Yarnell. He stated that he came home after work. And Michelle was gone. He said he assumed she had gone to Holts Summit, Missouri to visit her mother, Marianne Asher-Chapman. And she would return in a few days. But she never did and has never been heard from again. Asher-Chapman reported her missing seven days later. She did this after Michael came to her house to see his wife and discovered she had never arrived at Holts Summit.

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!
After Angie Vanished

Two weeks after Michelle Angela Yarnell vanished, Asher-Chapman received a postcard. It was supposedly from her daughter. It was postmarked on November 8, 2003, from a small town in Arkansas. The postcard stated that Angie was en route to Texas to visit the family of someone named “Gary.” Michelle’s loved ones do not know anyone by that name. And they do not believe she does either. And Asher-Chapman didn’t think Michelle actually sent the postcard. She stated that the handwriting appeared markedly different from her daughter’s. Asher-Chapman had last had contact with her when they spoke on the telephone eight days before Angie went missing.

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!
Husband’s Crimes

Marianne Asher-Chapman stated their conversation was normal. And Angie did not mention that she was seeing another man. In November 2007, Michael was named a person of interest in Michelle Angela Yarnell’s disappearance. By then he had moved and authorities had lost touch with him. In May 2008, Michael was officially listed as missing. For his family and friends claimed they hadn’t heard from him since November 5, 2005. Michael was located in Biloxi, Mississippi in November. He was arrested and charged with felony counts of forgery and tampering with physical evidence in connection with his wife’s disappearance. He admitted having written the postcard to Michelle’s mother in order to disrupt the police investigation. And handwriting experts confirmed his story.

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!
Husband’s Confession

The following month, Michael was additionally charged with Michelle’s murder. Authorities stated he confessed the crime to them. He said during an argument, he pushed Michelle off at heir home’s deck and she died instantly. Michael said he dumped her body off shore from an uninhabited island in the Lake of the Ozarks. This was four miles from the Yarnell residence. Investigators searched the water. But they didn’t find any evidence. Asher-Chapman stated she didn’t believe Michael’s version of Michelle’s death. She stated the Yarnells’ deck was four feet off the ground and not ten feet as he claimed.
In June 2009, Michael pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. And he was released in July 2013.

Michelle Angela Yarnell left all her personal belongings behind when she vanished. She also left behind two dogs whom she cherished. Her marriage was
troubled, but Michelle was close to her mother. And her relatives do not believe she would leave without contacting them. For she has no history of such behavior. At the time Michelle disappeared, Asher-Chapman was being treated for cancer. And she does not believe her daughter would have abandoned her when she was ill. Foul play is suspected in Michelle’s disappearance due to the circumstances involved.

Find Missing Michelle Angela Yarnell!

The family of Angela Michelle Yarnell have gone through far too much. Angie’s mother has had to fight cancer while suffering from having a missing daughter. And it seems that answers are far from coming. The person who admitted responsibility for her disappearance only had to spend seven years in prison. Apparently murder could not be proved in Michelle’s case. Seven years seems like scant justice. Michael can never be tried again for his crime against her. The only thing that can bring this family peace is to bring Michelle home and to honor her memory. Someone (s) knows something and can help end this family’s nightmare of not knowing what happened.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Michelle Angela Yarnell? You can contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at: (573) 378-5481.
You can email your tip to

A Facebook group, called Angie Yarnell, Still Missing and Loved, has been set up for her. Use Facebook? Please “Join” this group.

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