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Find Missing Michaela Joy Garecht


Find Missing Michaela Joy Gareight!
If this missing girl had her voice, she’s say this.
MIchaela has lost her voice.
That’s where you and I come in.

Find Missing Michaela Joy Garecht!
Circumstances of Her Disappearance

Find Missing Michaela Joy Garecht! This girl has been missing for decades. To be exact, this child was last seen on November 9, 1988. Let’s do some math here. That adds up to almost 29 years. About twenty-nine long years! This girl was nine years old when she vanished. A bystander witnessed Michaela’s abduction. A stranger took her. Now there are three types of abduction. In order of how often they happen, here they are. Family abductions by non-custodial parents. Acquaintance abductions by those who know the victim. Least common? Stranger abductions. We all dread the lease. And that was how Michaela went missing.

Decades ago, parents let their children walk alone or with a friend. There wasn’t the missing children and child safety awareness we have today. Michaela’s abduction happened in Hayward, California. She and a friend were walking to get candy. Children did a lot of that in those days. Then, after this girl bought her candy, she came out of the store to look for her scooter. When she saw it was moved, she went to look for it. Nothing out of the ordinary. That’s when someone kidnapped her. The location was the corner of Mission Boulevard and Lafayette at the little grocery store where the child had bought her candy.

Gone! Gone! Gone!

Find Missing Michaela Joy Garecht!
About Michaela

Michaela’s case would be called a cold case. Years ago, on TV, her mom, Sharon Murch, said, “We have kept my daughter’s case alive throughout the years. It has never been a cold case.” Years ago, Jaycee Dugard was found alive after 18 years. Philip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, were her abductors. Because the circumstances of Jaycee’s disappearance were like Michaela’s, Michaela’s case was linked to Jaycee’s. But eventually, It seems that any link was ruled out. This child’s mom went on to have other children. But she kept her missing daughter’s case alive throughout the years.

I did not learn of Michaela until we celebrated Jaycee Dugard being found alive. After 18 years. It was at this time that Michaela’s story became high-profile. According to her mom, her case has generated countless leads. Sharon has stated that she doesn’t like the age-progressed photo of her daughter. She believes that her daughter probably doesn’t look like her age progression. She prefers to think of her daughter as a pretty nine-year-old child. Whose last word before she went missing were, “I love you, Mom.”

There are a few details about Micaela. Just before her disappearance. She was born on January 24. If she is alive, she is 38 years old. She is female, obviously. Michaela is Caucasian and white. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she weighed 75 pounds. She stood 4’8.”

Find Missing Michaela Joy Garecht!
How You Can Help

Law enforcement (LE) depend on the public to help find missing persons. Provide them with information to identify those without names. And to catch suspects. Bring justice to victims and their families. So LE is counting on us to help find this missing girl. And end her family’s almost 29 year-old nightmare. They have experienced the agony of not knowing if their loved one is alive or dead. If she is alive, is she suffering torture? If she is dead, where can she be found so they can give her proper remembrance? And justice to those responsible? You can find Michaela’s post at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Find her poster here.

Do you know anything about this missing child’s? Do you suspect anything? If you do, please contact Inspector Robert Lampkin at the Hayward Police Department. Call: (510) 293-7079.

Michaela’s Mom Has Dedicated A Blog To Her; Check it Out.

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A Facebook Page Has Been Set Up To Find Michaela.

Find Michaela’s full NCMEC poster here.

The above poster is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc. I’m not affiliated with or a partner of LostNMissing, Inc.


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