Find Missing Michael William Fuzi! ***(UPDATE: NO LONGER MISSING)***


Find missing Michael William Fuzi!
He is better known as Mike.
He has been missing for a week.
He has been sighted three times.
It is believed that he may be headed out of state.
In fact, he can be anywhere in the United States.
What is Michael running from?
Where is he now?

Find Missing Michael William Fuzi!

Find missing Michael William Fuzi! Michael William Fuzi is nicknamed Mike. He went missing on October 22, 2017. Michael is missing from Arlington, Virginia. According to his family, Michael was last seen in the Price Cabell area of Manassas Park. They date this for October 23, 2017 at approximately 3:15 P.M. When last seen, Michael took off from a friend’s house. In Manassas Park, three times, Michael has been sighted since his disappearance. Manassas Park is in Micheal’s home neighborhood.

Find Missing Michael William Fuzi!

Michael William Fuzi is a Caucasian male. He is 6 feet tall and approximately 158 pounds. And he has brown hair and blue-gray eyes. Michael has a U-shaped scar from a cigarette lighter burn. It’s in the shape of a U on his upper right forearm. This teen has two tattoos. Michael also has John 3:16 tattooed on the inner part of his upper right arm. And he has a tattoo that says Family across his chest. We have reason to believe he may be headed for Oregon.

Find Missing Michael William Fuzi!
How We Can Help

It seems that Michael’s disappearance is voluntary. He is an endangered runaway, not “just a runaway.” It is clear from posts all over Facebook, that many people, especially his family, care for Michael and are concerned about his safety and well-being. It’s unclear if he left on foot or is traveling in a vehicle. As he may be headed out of state it’s likely that he is traveling in a vehicle. Michael’s loved ones and friends are doing their best to push awareness for him. Nut they can’t do it alone. His story must be shared widely to generate tips and leads.

UPDATE: Michael’s contact information has been updated but he is still missing!

UPDATE: Due to the fact that we are fairly certain Michael is in the Manassas area, Arlington has listed his case as inactive on their end. Any information regarding his whereabouts should be directed to Manassas Park PD. Here is the information they gave me: Our department point of contact for you will be Community Resource Officer Quesenberry #051.
703-335-0822 desk
571-921-5879 cell
M-F 8am-4pm
After hours please contact our Dispatch Center @ 703-361-1136 for assistance

Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Michael William Fuzi? You are asked to call the Arlington Police Department at (703) 558-2222. OR you can call the WE HELP THE MISSING TIP-LINE at (866) 660-4025, Your tips may remain anonymous.

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The second image is courtesy of We Help The Missing, Inc. Additional information on this page is courtesy of a family member of Michael Fuzi’s.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.


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