Find Missing Michael Thrasher!

Find Missing Michael Thrasher!

Find Missing Michael Thrasher!
He has been missing for almost two months.
He struggles with substance abuse.
But he is loved and missed by his family!

Find Missing Michael Thrasher!

Find Missing Michael Thrasher! Find Missing Michael Thrasher! Mr. Thrasher last spoke to family on the phone. That last conversation happened on July 21, 2017. He last posted on Facebook on August 5, 2017. St the time of his disappearance, Michael was staying with a friend. The friend lives in Williamston, South Carolina. Micheal left all his belongings behind. Mr. Thrasher is a drug addict. His family members are extremely concerned about his well-being.They want to be at peace that he is okay.

Find Missing Michael Thrasher!

Michael Thrasher may be of unknown minority. He is 41 years old. He’s described as 5’5″ tall and 120 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. Mr. Thrasher’s hair is described as shaven and and he has blue eyes. He usually keeps his hair shaven and wears a blond goatee. Mr. Thrasher has multiple tattoos. He has them all over his body. He has the name of his deceased son’s name and dates on his lower back. He has the word “White Trash” on his chest. Mr. Thrasher has an arm sleeve tattoo. He has the word “Thrasher” around his belly button. Mr. Thrasher has a skull on the back of his head, and several other tattoos.

Michael’s family love him a lot! On her Facebook Timeline, his sister posted a photo of him on August 26, 2017. Above the photo of him, she said:

This is my brother Michael Thrasher. He is an addict but he’s my brother and we love him. Tough love has been the hardest thing we have ever had to do. We have not heard from him since my last phone call on July 21 and his last fb post august 5th. If anyone knows if is ok just let us know. Thank you

Find Missing Michael Thrasher!
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I’ve heard of times where police would not even take a missing persons report on drug addicts. I guess they assume that such persons may not want to be found. Or, somehow, they are not as “important” as those missing persons who are “not troubled”? And it isn’t just police, but the general public. Too many people seem not to care as much about these type of missing persons, as others. In one case, a woman was missing for over a year before police would take a missing person report. This is according to her mother. Why? She worked as a prostitute from time to time. And she was sighted doing so.

Michael Thrasher may have substance abuse issues. But his family love him. They want him to come home! And someone (s) has information that can help bring him home! Do you have information about the whereabouts of Michael Thrasher? please contact Williamston Police Department at (864) 847-7425

Sadly, I could not find one press release in Internet searches. Is this refective of the fact that missing persons searches are unequal?

The above image and addition information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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