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Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr! ***(SAD UPDATE: HUMAN REMAINS FOUND)***


Find missing Michael Nickelotte Jr!
He is a missing college student.
Michael vanished off his college living quarters
And his bicycle is also gone.
Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr!

Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr! Michael Nickelotte Jr. is a college student. He attends Louisiana State University and lives on campus. He is 21 years old. Nickelotte was last seen in the in the East Campus Apartments. These campus apartments are located in on the campus of Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was 1:00 A.M. on Monday, September 16, 2017, when Michael was last seen. Michael’s bicycle is also missing. It is described as a neon green Haro (Likeness shown in top poster).

Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr!

Michael Nickelotte is a Caucasian male. He is described as an even 6’1″ and unknown weight. Nickelotte has brown hair. It is described as close-cropped and in a military style. And he has blue eyes. It seems that Michael took with him when he disappeared, with the possible exception of his missing bicycle. He has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. According to some posts and comments on Michael’s public Facebook group page, there may be sightings of him or those who look like him.

Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr!
According to Family

Michael’s loved ones have set up a public Facebook group for him. It is called Finding Michael Nickelotte Jr. Michael’s father, who has been proactive in his son’s search from the beginning, made a detailed post about all family efforts to find this missing young man.

SAD UPDATE The human remains of this college student have been found.

Michael Nickelotte just emailed me and ask me to share this. Your welcome to show your support but they are devastated. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Mike, Paulla,Katie, Kera and family I’m so sorry
It is with the deepest of sorrow that we have to inform you all that the remains of Michael Nickelotte, Jr. have been found. We must now begin the sorrowful process of honoring his short life with us and laying him to his eternal rest. The support all have shown over this difficult time has been heartfelt and inspirational. Please continue to hold us in your prayers so that we may get through this difficult time.
Paulla, Kaitlin & Michael Nickelotte, Sr.

This all I can remember to date as an update:
To all that have followed the disappearance of our son and expressed concern, prayers, support and assistance I am again reaching out to you. Upon the suggestion of several people I have created this new page dedicated to the search for Michael, Jr.
Many have asked for updates. I will try to encapsulate the situation at hand up to this point while staying within the bounds of the direction given to me by the lead law enforcement agency investigating this, the LSU Campus Police.
Michael is still missing. He was last sighted in his East Campus dorm room at approx. 1:00 am on September 18, 2017. A short time after that one of his roommates reports that he heard Michael’s bedroom door open and then the door to the apartment open and is under the assumption that is when Michael left the apartment. Michael left without his cell phone, computer, wallet and car keys. In the wallet were his various IDs, credit and debit cards. His car was left parked near his Campus Apartment.
To date the following has happened:
– A search of Mississippi River Levee behind LSU Campus and the river using boats and helicopter on Monday and Tuesday according to LSU Police
– Roommates, friends of Michael and NROTC were interviewed mostly by phone. A few in person, not enough in my opinion
– Initial Press Release went out I believe Tuesday
– Michael has been placed on a Missing Persons List with the National Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS)
– Private remote areas of campus were searched according to LSU Police. I am unaware of what areas they searched
– I brought up the use of tracking dogs several times and the idea was tabled each time
– A sweep of the nearly 400 buildings on Campus has been conducted according to LSU Police. How thorough this was I am unaware
– No video surveillance of my son leaving his room or surrounding areas has been detected to this date, 5 days after the event
– His room and vehicle have been swept for evidence multiple times and at this time remain sealed. Although some gained access when the room was left unsecured after the search
– His iPhone and laptop have been subpoenaed and are currently undergoing digital electronic forensic investigation. There have been no results reported
– I made a request of the LSU Office of the President at the suggestion of LSU Police to push a broadcast email about my son’s missing status to be sent to all LSU system email users. That occurred Thursday afternoon after 4:00 pm over 78 hours after the LSU Police were first involve in this case
– Multiple possible sightings of my son have been reported and followed up on to no avail
– A sighting of a vehicle last Tuesday reportedly driven by my son with license plate number combinations reported have not been substantiated yet
– I have personally reached out to Baton Rouge City Police, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the FBI to participate in this endeavor. They have agreed to offer assistance. As to knowledge there has only been one officer from the BR City Police Missing Persons dept. that has been involved
– I have been contacted by a multitude of concerned family, friends, co-workers and empathetic individuals totally unknown to me before this horrific chain of events. They are compassionate individuals either with or without children. They mostly with are current LSU parents or possibly have Military ties. They have offered assistance on many levels. It was recognized by LSU Campus Police that we should attempt to marshal this support in a coordinated manner. At this time no plan has come forth.
– I feel no advance of my sons case has been accomplished recently and in the days ahead because of the gridlock on campus due to the LSU home game
– I was told by Eli B. Wilson on my Facebook post that Michael’s info will be displayed at the LSU game this evening. I can only hope that is the case
– I have been approached by many news agencies stating that they don’t feel LSU is giving my son’s disappearance enough exposure. No search team, limited released information, lack of personnel involved. I have put them off to this point. I am considering revisiting this soon.
– Tomorrow, Sunday September 24th myself, family, small group of friends will assemble at the East Campus Apartment at Building #4 to attempt to assemble an organized search effort or at least uncover areas of focus that the authorities can pursue

Find Missing Michael Nichelotte Jr!

Michael is loved, missed and treasured by family, friends, and community. One hopes and prays that he will be found safe and sound and behold all the efforts and resources being poured into his search. For all his family’s Internet presence and multiple posters made for him, this is a limited information case. Michael is missing under unclear circumstances. One thing is clear: His family are desperate to find him safe and sound! Like many families of the missing, they don’t have much money. But are rich in love and one hopes this will bring Micheal home.

Find Missing Michael Nickelotte Jr!
How We Can Help

This young man did not fall off the face of the earth! He did not “disappear” and evaporate into nothingness! He is out there somewhere. What makes him missing is that his whereabouts are unknown to all those to whom he matters. But someone (s) knows something! This is true in almost ever case. Do you have even a piece of information about Michael NicKelotte Jr? Do you know anything about the neon green bicycle (shown in the top poster) that is missing with him? Have you seen Micheal or his missing bicycle? You are asked to contact the Louisiana State University Police Department at: (225) 578-3231. You can also call 9-1-1 or your local police.

Anyone with information, please contact the LSU Police Department

In the public group, Finding Michael Nickelotte Jr, Someone set up a press release to confirm that Michael Nickelotte, Jr. is truly missing. . Click here to view it.

Michael’s cousin has set up a GoFundMe campaign for awareness, the search, and a private investigator. Missing persons searches are expensive! If you can help, please show your support for this family and Michael, by visiting this page. Click here to view it.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing,


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