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Find Missing Michael Bowes! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: FOUND DECEASED)***


Find missing Michael Bowes!
He was robbed several days before he went missing.
But it seems that police do not believe him.
And now that he is missing
Police believe that he disappeared voluntarily?
His family do not agree.

Find Missing Michael Bowes!

Find missing Michael Bowes! Michael Bowes was last seen December 21, 2017. He was last seen at approximately 2:30 A.M. This is following a phone call. Michael is missing in Henderson, North Carolina. Three days before his disappearance, on December 18, 2017, Michael was robbed. However, police seem to not have believed his story. And they believe that Michael left on his own accord. Before his disappearance, Michael had posted a $2000 reward for information on the robbery. His loved ones believe that he was following up on a tip about this alleged robbery. And at that point, he vanished. He is driving a 2017 Kia Soul, Silver in color, North Carolina plates EBS-5850. Reportedly, he was last seen leaving his home.

Find Missing Michael Bowes!

Find Missing Michael Bowes!

Michael Bowes is a Caucasian male. He is 45 years of age. Micheal is described as 5’9″ tall and 225 pounds. His hair is described as with gray hair and blue eyes. According to his loved ones, Michael is diabetic. He is a beloved husband and the father of two children. Michael has two tattoos on each arm and a tongue ring. It is said that his phone pinged at 6:00 A.M. on Thursday morning, December 21. The ping was in South Henderson, North Carolina. When he was last seen, Michael was wearing a Duke Blue Devils collared shirt, light blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. Michael Bowes is nicknamed Mike.

TRAGIC UPDATE: Michael Bowes has been found deceased. According to his family:

(PLEASE SHARE) To everyone who may not have heard the news, our dear son Michael Todd Bowes (Mike) unexpectedly lost his life over the holidays. What has happened is beyond comprehension and we are all still in shock. Funeral plans are still being arranged and any updates regarding locations and times will be posted here. Michael and Katherine Bowes are the mother and father of two beautiful children (Jacob and Emma). Unfortunately our family is struggling to come up with the funds to cover his funeral expenses so we are asking anyone to please help if you can. We have already had numerous emails, texts and messages from people asking how they can help, so this campaign has been created as a way to keep everyone up-to-date with plans and also offer a place for messages and donations to be left. We would like to give Michael a proper funeral and burial. If you would like to donate, just click on the donate button and donate whatever you can. If you are not able to donate don’t forget you can still leave messages and comments for us to read. Also, make sure you follow this page so that you receive any updates regarding his funeral. If anyone has any questions, you can send me a message by clicking on my name at the top of the page.

Thank you and may God bless you all,
Tommy, Vickie Bowes and Family.

Click here to and learn more.

Find Missing Michael Bowes!

It is perplexing that some are stating that Michael Bowe’s disappearance is voluntary. And by implication, they are not buying his and his family’s story that Michael was a robbery victim. His family have made it clear that just vanishing without warning is not like Michael. And they know Michael better than anyone. Why is he not being given the benefit of the doubt? This doesn’t seem like a voluntary disappearance. Michael went missing on December 21, four days before Christmas. And he is still missing. It is New Year’s Day as of this writing. Would Michael not even contact his loved ones on Christmas Day to let them know that he is safe? This is what makes his disappearance disturbing. Michael’s loved ones are devastated and greatly worried about his safety and well-being. Tips and leads are needed!

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Michael Bowes? Do you have information about his robbery story? Do you have information about who anyone who may have caused his disappearance? If you have such information, please contact Detective J.J. White or Detective Dansen (Vance County Sheriff’s Office) at: (252) 738-2200. If you see Michael and/or his vehicle, call 9-1-1!

This article discusses Michael’s disappearance. Nothing is said about his robbery but it is revealed that he is the father of two children. Click here to and learn more.

The top photo and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc.

The second image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.


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