Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find missing Macin Darrin Smith!
He was last heard from getting onto his school bus.
But as it turned out, Macin never got inside the bus.
And he has left all his possessions behind.
He has been missing for over two years.
What happened? Where is this beloved teen?

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find missing Macin Darrin Smith! Macin Darrin Smith was last seen by his mother on September 1, 2015. This was at there home in in St. George, Utah. She woke him up for school. Reportedly, at 1:30 A.M., he had gotten to bed. Both his mother and father heard him leave. But they did not see him. This was not unusual for them. It is unknown what he was wearing when he was last seen. Reportedly, Macin normally basketball shorts, t-shirts and size 14 black Nikes. These have blue soles and green trim.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Macin Darrin Smith’s possessions were all at home. None of them have have gone missing. Macin left behind his wallet, cash, phone, passport, and backpack. None of his clothes, gear, or toiletries seemed to be missing. Macin had left home at approximately 7:40 P.M., the usual time. Reportedly, he normally walked to his bus stop. He did not get on the bus that day. And he never arrived at school. Macin seems not to have owned a car; reportedly, he had not yet acquired a Driver’s License.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

According to family, Macin Darrin Smith was active on cyberspace before his disappearance. He actively used his cell phone, laptop, social media accounts, and email. Macin also used XBOX One. He used Social Security Number. He appears to have had a Canadian ID. Smith also used bank accounts. It appears that he was not living in his previous hometown at the time of his disappearance. According to family, Macin was raised in the LDS tradition of the Mormon religion.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!
About Macin

Macin Darrin Smith is a Caucasian male. He was 17 years old at the time of his disappearance. His current age is 19 years old. Macin is classified as an Endangered Runaway. he is described as 6’4″ and 200 pounds. He has an average build, according to family. Macin has bright blue eyes and blond hair. It grows quickly, according to family. Macin is mildly nearsighted but rarely used glasses. Reportedly, Macin enjoys music, anime, board and video games. And he is an animal lover, especially of dogs.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!
More about Macin

There is more to know about Macin Darrin Smith. His loved ones state that he likes McChicken sandwiches and fries. He prefers wearing basketball shorts and plain tees. In personality, he is thoughtful, introverted, and a homebody. Macin is intelligent, a good student, responsible, and tidy. According to family, Macin has a loving, normal relationship with his parents. And he has no history of drug or alcolhol use. Reportedly, he has a history of depression. Macin tends to go on solitary walks.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

The disappearance of Macin Darrin Smith has been handled as follows. According to family, he is in the NCMEC database #1254151. Director Dave Cummings, Red Rock SAR, his been active in the search for Macin. Surrounding park and wilderness areas have been searched. Searchers have done door-to-door canvassing, including the entire Old Town StG. Investigators conducted airplane searches. These have gone from Cedar City to the Arizona border.
It has been determined that Macin’s behavior in the days before his disappearance was not unusual.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!
More on the Investigation

There is more about the investigation. The parents of Macin Darrin Smith took and passed lie detector tests. His friends, teachers, and classmates have been interviewed. According to family, every lead has been followed and ruled out. They have consulted psychic mediums. Investigators have contacted homeless shelters. According to Macin’s family, a note was found two weeks after Macin vanished. Found in his wallet, it was a vague “goodbye” note. It had no clues as to Macin’s whereabouts. Police have it.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!

This is heartbreaking. Macin Darrin Smith is much loved, treasured, and missed by his family and friends. And there is a whole team of supporters for him called Macin’s Army. It is hoped that he will know these things and be brought home. The best case scenario for his family and all who care for him is that Macin is living as a homeless person and one day will come home, hopefully sooner. For even a big guy if his description can meet with foul play. He is endangered and should be treated as such until it proved otherwise. That will not happen until he is brought home.

Find Missing Macin Darrin Smith!
How We Can Help

There are multiple ways to help this family and show our support. We can join the public Facebook group and show direct support for the family. And all we want to know about Macin’s case is found there. His family have also set up a website for his search. It has his missing poster in English, Spanish, and French. They are available for download and printing. And his family have set up a fundraiser. If you feel moved you can donate or raise awareness. Above all, anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Macin Darrin Smith can leave tips.

If you have seen Macin or have any information on his whereabouts, please contact St. George Police Department at (435) 627-4300

• Saint George Police (435) 627-4300
• Director Dave Cummings, Red Rock SAR
• NCMEC Case#: 1254151

A website, called Macin’s Army, has been set up for him. Click here to visit this site.

A Go Fund Me fundraiser has been set up for Macin. It is called Help Find Macin Smith. Click here and learn more.

The top image and most images and much information on the post are courtesy of Help Find Macin Smith, the public Facebook group set up for him. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group.

One image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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  1. If he was raised Mormon is there a chance he “escaped” the oppressive lifestyle?? That’s not running away especially at 17.

    • There is no information available on what motivated Macin to run away, or if the religion he was raised in had anything to do with it.


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