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Find Missing Melody Gibson!

Find Missing Melody Gibson!

Find missing Melody Gibson!
She went missing before her 17th birthday.
Her family state that this is unlike her.
What happened?
She has been missing for one month.

Find Missing Melody Gibson!

Find missing Melody Gibson! It was August 30, 2017, in Prescott, Arizona. It was the day of Melody’s disappearance. She left her home and was never seen again. It was the day before her 17th birthday. Information on her case is is extremely limited. It seems that Melody is being treated as a runaway. According to her family, she may have met someone. It is unlike her to vanish like this, her mom states. Melody’s loved ones believe that she may have left the Arizona area. Her mother states that Melody may be in New Mexico, Texas, or anywhere.

Find Missing Melody Gibson!

The family of Melody Gibson is heartbroken. Underneath her public plea for her daughter, Melody’s mother got over 6000 comments (many were spam). So many people are concerned about Melody’s well-being and want her to come home. Melody Gibson is a Caucasian female. She is now 17 years old. She is described as 5’8″ tall and 200 pounds. Melody’s hair is described as auburn and curly. Melody’s complexion is described as fair. She has blue eyes. It is unknown what Melody was wearing when last seen. Her mode of transportation is unknown.

Find Missing Melody Gibson!
According to Family

Neither Internet or Facebook searches yielded any results of third party press releases. All the confirmation that Melody Gibson is missing comes from her mother’s Facebook post and appeal.

Update 9/30/2017: I am simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of you who have responded. No definite leads have developed as of yet, but I am still hopeful. Your prayers and words of support have touched me deeply. Due to my desire for privacy, I am not accepting any new friend requests unless I know you personally. Thank you all so much.
My friends, it is with such a heavy heart that I post this. My daughter, Melody Gibson, has been missing for a month now. She left school 8/30/2017, a day before her 17th birthday, and never came home. We have done everything we know to do, and after careful consideration, I’ve decided to turn to social media.
Melody just turned 17 years old.
5’8″, 200 lbs., Auburn curly hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.
We have reason to believe that she met someone and is out of Arizona now, possibly New Mexico, or Texas. But, she could be anywhere at this point. It is a big deal for her to have not contacted any of us for this long. Not like her.
Her family is heartbroken, and we need to know something. Anything.
Please private message me, or call the Prescott Police Department with any information, 928.777.1988.

Find Missing Melody Gibson!
How We Can Help

Melody’s mother is desperate. Her daughter has been missing for a month. According to her, she has tried everything offline to locate Melody. As a last resort, she has turned to social media and has made her page public. She has been receiving much showing of love, support, and prayers. As comforting as all that support is, it can never take the place of finding her daughter safe and sound. Someone (s) knows something that can help end this family’s nightmare. So spread the word about Melody’s mysterious disappearance and generate tips and leads.

Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Melody Gibson? If so, please contact Prescott Police Department at (928) 777-1988. And if you have seen Melody, call 9-1-1!

Much information on this page is courtesy of the mother of Melody Gibson.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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