Find Missing Mekayla Bali!

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!
She is a citizen of another neighboring country.
But she may be in the United States.
Is she being held against her will?
Is someone hiding her?
Where is Mekayla Bali?

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!


Missing Person: Mekayla Bali
Date Last Seen: April 12, 2016
Location Last Seen: Yorkton, Saskatchewan, CANADA
(sighting Washington State, United States)
Case: Endangered Missing Person
Age at missing: 16 yrs old
Age in 2018: 18 yrs old
Height: 5’2″ tall
Weight: 114 pounds
Hair Color: Dark strawberry blonde
Style: Long
Eyes: Blue
Piercings: Each ear, once.
Clothing: At the time of her disappearance, Mekayla was last seen wearing teal glasses, “Joseph Seibel” brand burgundy suede embroidery boots, jeans and a burgundy coat.
Accessories: Mekayla also had on a teal “infinity” scarf, a “ruby”gemstone ring and was carrying a blue plaid backpack.
Other: Mekayla has bright blue eyes that stand out,and sometimes wears glasses. She also has
a pronounced dimple on her chin.

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!

Mekayla Bali was dropped off for school. She left school and wandered around a coffee shop and then returned to school. She then went to a restaurant that was adjoined to a bus depot. Mekayla did NOT board a bus, according to her family. This is not in her character to not contact home, especially now that she is of legal age. There has been reports that she’s been spotted in the Spokane, Washington State area in the United States. Other reports state that she may be in the Seattle, Washington State or Portland, Oregon areas in the United States. Reportedly, a reward of $25,000 has been set up for information leading to finding Mekayla.

Find Missing Mekayla Bali!

Mekayla Bali is an international missing person. She is a Canadian citizen, along with her family. United States agencies are covering her case because she may have traveled to the United States. Mekayla has been missing for over two years. If she is in the United States, what connections may she have? Who would be hiding her? Or is Mekayla being held against her will? Did she meet with some form of foul play? Where is Mekayla? Someone (s) knows something. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Mekayla Bali? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) involved in her disappearance?

Anyone with information about Mekayla is asked to contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST), the Bellingham Police Department at 360-778-8800 or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 1-306-786-2400. You may contact the RCMP Police at: 1-844-880-6518

Case #2016018567

Let’s Bring Mekayla Bali Home, ia a Facebook page set up for her. Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.
Mekayla Bali has a Missing Children Society of Canada profile. It is detailed and the print is faint. Click here and learn more.
Mekayla Bali is believed to possibly be in Seattle, Washingston State, or Portland, Oregon areas. Click here and learn more.
This article was written after Mekayla Bali has reached her second annual missing date. Click here and learn more.
This article was written after Mekayla Bali reached her first annual missing date. Click here and learn more.
This article is about the family search for Mekayla Bali. Click here and learn more.
Reddit has a lengthy page devoted to Mekayla Bali. Click here and learn more.
The above image and additional information are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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