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Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

Find missing Maxine Eve Green!
Maxine is a missing mom.
She is the sister of famous singer Al Green.
Yet her case has received shockingly little publicity.
She may have mental/emotional issues
And she is also minority missing.
But is these reasons to dismiss her?
She may have gotten into a vehicle with an unknown male!
What happened to Maxine?

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

Find missing Maxine Eve Green! She is the sister of the legendary soul singer, Al Green. Green has been missing since between September 6 to 8, 2013. Maxine is missing out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Green is an African-American female. When she vanished, Maxine was 61 years of age. Her present age is 65 years old.
This missing older woman is 5’10” tall. She weighs between 135 to 142 pounds. Maxine’s hair is black but it may be graying. And she may be wearing braids or an extension (“wig). Green’s eyes are dark brown.
Maxine has distinguishing physical characteristics. Her build is slim and her ears are pierced. Green has a scar on her right cheek bone. And she has some front and side teeth missing.

Official reports indicate that Maxine’s missing date is August 23, 2013. But her sister and family say her missing date is actually between September 6th to 8th. Maxine had been living in an adult supportive living facility. Sometime in between the time period cited, Maxine went missing from the facility she called home. And she never returned. Maxine Lee Green was spotted at B and B Party Shoppe. It is on Leonard Street Northwest (NW). And it’s less than a mile away from Maxine’s place of residence.

No one has heard from or seen Maxine since. This missing woman has emotional health needs. And she needs to be located. Friends and family are extremely worried. Green has struggled with alcoholism over the years. And it is believed that she may be living as a homeless person. Maxine has been believed to wander into homeless shelters or camps. Maxine is the sister of soul singer Al Green. Her family said she lets everyone know this. And so they hope someone seeing her picture posted around town will know where she is. Her family’s hope has been that this would generate tips and leads.

An update has been made to Maxine’s missing case. Foul play is now being suspected. Maxine’s Food Stamps card was used by a woman who “rented it.” A common practice among those in need of money who may find or be sold Federal Food Stamps. Did Maxine lose her card? Or did someone take her card and cause her harm? Note: Food Stamps is a Federal program that is awarded to people based on need. Food Stamp fraud is a felony.

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!
Please Help

It is appalling that missing Maxine Green has received so little attention or publicity. Of note: The singer, Al Green, is not dead. This is proved to be a Facebook hoax. Source. In this light, it seems that Maxine Eve Green should be a high profile missing case. But I learned about her only in late July 2017! Has someone failed her? This seems off. Few nonprofits seem to be aware that she is missing. Read the heart-wrenching status updates of this missing mom’s daughter. Maxine is loved and missed by many!

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!
Whom 2 Contact With Information

Someone has information about what happened to Maxine. This person (s) knows where she is. This person (s) holds
the key to solving her missing case. Get the word out so this person (s) may be reached. Do you have information about Maxine’s whereabouts? Have information about the B and B Party Shoppe where she may have been sighted? Got information about an unknown male or a vehicle? Know about a person who may have used Maxine’s Food Stamps? Please contact the Crime Stoppers Tip line at: 1-866-774-2345. Or contact the Grand Rapids Police Department. Call the Detective Division at: (616) 456-3896.

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

Maxine is not just the missing sister of the famous soul singer, Al Green. She is also a missing mom. On the updated page set up for her, Maxine’s daughter posted a status update on October 31, 2016.

Please continue to share my mom’s information… Maxine Green is Missing & has been for the past 3 years… If you or anyone you may know have any information leading to the disappearance of Maxine Green please contact your local police department/cold case missing persons, & or your local silent observer… you can always remain anonymous to protect your identity… At the end of the day, our family just want answers, someone out there knows something regarding this case…. Any donations regarding Maxine’s reward fund can be directed to your local silent observer/investigations c/o The Maxine Green Reward Fund… Thank You / Please Share / God Bless

Find Missing Maxine Eve Green!

On January 28, 2017, Maxine’s daughter made another heart-wrenching appeal.

Maxine’s daughter and LostNMissing, Inc., run this Facebook page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

Maxine’s daughter shares this article on her page. It presents factual evidence that the singer, Al Green, has shown no interest in his sister’s search. He has done nothing to raise awareness about her disappearance. Click here to read the article.

Maxine is not the only sibling of singer Al Green who has gone missing. One of his brothers also went missing, but he was found safe. This article notes that the singer’s sister has never been found.Click here to read the article.

NamUs adds another detail. It has been omitted by everyone but it is an important detail. Maxine may have gotten into a vehicle with a male. Click here to view it.

Maxine’s daughter discusses her mom’s suspicious disappearance in a video. Click here to view it.

Missing Cloudia Leslie Wells missing case is similar to Maxine’s in some ways. Both have diagnosed mental health issues. And both have been believed to be living as homeless persons. But Cloudia’s case has received much more awareness and interest. Can this be due to the fact that she and her family are Caucasian? Read about the Cloudia Leslie Wells case here.

Four images on this page are courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

The second image is courtesy of the family of Maxine Eve Green. All these images can be found on her family-run Facebook page. Like all posters on this site, they can be printed or uploaded by clicking the posters.


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