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Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!
He has been missing for four years.
His family has endured three Christmases without him.
Will they have to endure another one
Without him home?

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken! He has been missing since March 17, 2013. He is missing from San Angelo, Texas. Vankuiken is classified as an endangered missing person. His military service consisted of U.S. Army roles as Infantry Specialist and Translator. He was born in the year 1991. At the time of his disappearance, Mason was 22 years old. His current age is 26 years old. He ha brown eyes with long lashes. And his hair is also brown. Mason is 5’5″ tall (65 inches)> He is 140 pounds. VanKuiken is from Bradenton, Florida.

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

Mason Muldoon VanKKuiken is stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. He speaks English, Farsi, and Pashtun. Mason had deformed a toenail. On the right side of his jaw, Mason has a small scar. It is approximately one inch in length. He has multiple moles on his back. High up on his right arm, Mason has the word “BASTARD” tattooed. On his right thigh, Mason has a large map of Florida tattooed. There are blues and greens and a dotted line on this map. The map depicts going down the 175 route. There is an “X” in Bradenton’s location.

Mason Muldoon VanKuiken wears dog tags and a wedding ring. It is brushed sterling and size 8. It has thin polished grooves on either edge. He wears sunglasses. It is unknown what clothes Mason was wearing when he was last seen.

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!
Before the Disappearance

Mason Muldoon VanKuiken was on duty as an infantry specialist. Officially speaking, he went missing on March 18. He is missing from Fort Carson, Colorado. However, his unexcused absence from the U.S. Army actually began four days earlier. Mason is married and has family searching continually for him. Mason originally from Bradenton, Florida. Mason was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. He left the base without permission on March 14, 2013. That was when he had three days off.

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

Mason Muldoon VanKuiken drove to the Fort Hood, Texas area. He wanted to visit his best friend, Will. Will is also from Bradenton but is stationed at Fort Hood. Shortly after Mason encountered a problem in which he had his gun collection in his car. And he didn’t have the proper permits to carry his gun. Mason’s car was impounded. On the 18th of March, Mason was last seen purchasing a ticket to Abilene, Texas. That was so he could return to Colorado Springs. But he never arrived.

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!
What Could Have Happened?

According to his Captain, Mason Muldoon VanKuiken was being checked for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Reportedly, his family back this account up. Mason was checked for PTSD prior to his disappearance. He hasn’t used his bank card or his cell phone since he went missing. Nor has he or posted on social media. His friends and family all say he was unusually quiet and somewhat withdrawn. And with looking back they realized that he was in fact suffering from PTSD. It is not known if harm has come to him. They are not sure if he has harmed himself or if he may be wandering around somewhere in a depressive state. He is considered an endangered missing person.

Find Missing Mason Muldoon VanKuiken!

The family of Mason Muldoon VanKuiken have suffered for four years with no answers. In addition, they are a military family. It’s true that veterans and their families are entitled for special benefits because of their service for the United States. But Mason has never been found. There are few clues or evidence that can indicate what may have happened to him. The best case scenario is that Mason is living as a homeless veteran and will find his way home. Someone has some information that can help! If you have even a piece of information concerning the whereabouts of Mason Muldoon VanKuiken? Even a small piece of info can help bring him home.

Police Agency: Manatee County Sheriff, Investigator Combee at (941) 747 3011 Extension 2542
Case #: 13-10194

Mason’s family have set up a Facebook page for him. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

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