Find Missing Mary Durrett! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***


Find missing Mary Durrett!
She is missing with medical needs!
Aside from the fact that she is without needed medication
Mary is endangered simply because she is a teenager.

Find Missing Mary Durrett!

Find missing Mary Durrett! Mary Durrett is classified as an endangered missing person. This is because she reportedly is missing with medical needs. And she reportedly is in desperate need of her required medication. Mary was last seen walking on the 100 block of 1 Hermann Museum Circle Drive. She was last seen walking in the Museum District of Houston, Texas. And she was seen near the Texas Medical Center on December 7, 2017. It appears that Mary left on her accord, though this is not clear. Though we know she is without her medication, it is unclear if Mary took anything else with her. This is a limited information case.

Find Missing Mary Durrett!

Mary Durrett is a Caucasian female. She is 16 years old. Mary Durrett goes by the nickname “Violet Bellerose.” She is described as is 5’7” tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Mary has an 8” scar on her left thigh. She has several scars on her arm. And one side of Mary’s nose is pierced with a stud. This is while the other side is pierced with a loop. Mary may be wearing weathered-looking jeans with holes in the knees. She may also be wearing a mustard-yellow cardigan sweater. She may possibly wear a maroon sweatshirt underneath and tennis shoes.

Despite the fact that Mary Durrett’s need for her medication is stressed, her aunt wants all of us to remember something. In her words she declares:

Mary is an articulate, talented and brilliant young lady. The reports of her having “special needs” are misleading. While she is on medication and it is not ideal to stop, her safety at 16 years old and with no contact and no known location is horrifying at best. We need to locate her. Please continue to share to keep her image in front of anyone who might see her and call the authorities.

Find Missing Mary Durrett!

I can sympathize with the aunt’s concern. Her fear seems to be that we will define Mary Durrett, her niece, as a “special needs teen” who ls lacks the gifts that she ascribes to her niece. For, sadly, there is indeed a stereotype of those with special needs. And it is wrong and not correct. Aside from this, Mary is endangered because she is a teenager and her brain, like any teen’s, is not fully developed. She may not recognize it when she finds herself in dangerous situations. Or she be no physical match for especially a male predator (I realize that women can be predators too!). And Christmas is in two weeks. Mary and her family urgently need a Christmas miracle now! Only tips and leads can help make it happen.

Do you have even a piece of information concerning the whereabouts of Mary Durrett? If you have info, please call 911 immediately or contact the Houston Police Department at (832) 394-1840. OR you can contact Texas EquuSearch – TXEQ at: (281) 309-9500. If you have seen Mary Durrett, call 9-1-1 immediately!

This article confirms that Mary Durrett is indeed missing. Click here to read it.

HAPPY UPDATE: Mary Durrett has been found safe! Click here to read it.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing.


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