Find Missing Marquan Michael Lee!

Find Missing Marquan Michael Lee!

Find missing Marquan Michael Lee!
He has been missing for close to 11 months!
He is missing from my city and state.
Where is he?

Find Missing Marquan Michael Lee!
His Details

Find missing Marquan Michael Lee! This gentleman has been missing since June 20, 2016. He is missing out of St. Louis City, Missouri. He was age 30 upon his disappearance. And he is still 30 years old, being born on June 12. Marqan is an African-American male. His hair is black, his eyes brown. Marquan stands at 5’8″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. What was Lee wearing when he was last seen? Reports say that he was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and jeans. He was wearing a black baseball cap and white Air Force One shoes. Marquan Lee has diamond-shaped eyes.

Find Missing Marquan Michael Lee!

Marquan Michael Lee has multiple tattoos. He has a skeleton on his neck. It is above his chin. The word “Walnut” is tattooed on one hand. And the word “park” is tattooed on the other hand. He has the word “Beverly” tattooed on one side of his neck. And “Ellamae” is found on the other side of his neck. Marquan has the number “5” tattooed on one elbow. And he has the number “4” tattooed on his other elbow.

Find Missing Marquan Michael Lee!
More Details

Not all cases get entered into NamUs. It is strongly recommended that all families of the missing do this. This way, working with law enforcement, they can verify that their loved ones are legitimate missing persons. The last case I covered, a missing older teen, had not been entered into NamUs (I couldn’t find it). But the case of Marquan Michael Lee. According to additional details, Marquan gmay go by “Quan” as his nickname.

Lee’s case had been entered into NamUs on October 8, 2016. He has shoulder-length “dreads” for facial hair. He has a goatee but no mustache or full beard. Reportedly, he was last seen with a girlfriend. She had taken him to meet a friend. She had gotten out of her vehicle at Partright and West Flo. Avenue. No dental information is available.

Missing Marquan Michael Lee!
Let’s Bring Him Home

Marquan Michael Lee is someone’s loved one. He is someone’s child. We just had Mother’s Day. In a few weeks, we’ll observe Father’s Day. Somewhere, someone wants him home just as much as those who get a lot of attention. So please share his poster and story widely. Let’s generate tips and leads that can help find him. Do you have information that can locate Marquan Michael Lee? Please call the St. Louis, Missouri, Police Department at: (314) 444-5738. Or you can contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol at: (573) 526-6178.

This image and addition information are provided courtesy Of Missouri State Highway Patrol and can be found here.

More information is provided by Marquan Lee’s NamUs page.


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