Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***


Find missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!
She has left home of her own accord.
Her loved ones admit that.
But where is she now? Who may she be with?

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo! Mara Bradley-Chiofalo was last seen in Clarkston, Georgia. She was last seen on February 9, 2018. And went missing sometimes between 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. Her family state that Mara went missing around noon that day.Mara is considered an endangered runaway. She has a blue leather briefcase backpack. Mara is known to change her hair color or wear wigs; when she left home her hair was dark brown. She may also answer to Cain, Aspen, Jasper, or Roman. Mara’s family are unsure of what she was wearing. According to them, she has a cool-looking blue leather briefcase backpack with her. And they unsure if she is on foot or in a vehicle.

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!

Mara’s family state that she also left behind all of her technology and she had no money that they are aware. So they feel she must be with someone that is able to help her. They describe her as having a wicked sense of humor. So while she likes to look serious and unapproachable, she will melt into hilarity for the right reasons. Her family describe her as having a great fashion sense and a love of baseball hats and sweatshirts. They believe she might be in her favorite Halsey gray sweatshirt. Mara will also answer to Cain and she LOVES cosplay.

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!

According to them, she enjoys fabulous wigs and colored contacts are her thing! Mara will stop to talk to any Corgi she sees. She loves tiny things and stuffed animals. K-pop is her choice of music and Smartfood, diet soft drinks, and Chinese food are her favorites. But she will, they state, stop dead in her tracks for Chik-fil-A. They describe Mara Bradley-Chiofalo is a glorious 17 year old kid who really should not be on her own right now. Her family fear she may be in the care of anyone that doesn’t love her as much as her family. They plead they we help them bring her home.

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!
More Descriptions

Mara Bradley-Chiofalo is a Caucasian female. She is 17 years old. Mara is described as 5’7″ tall and 135 pounds. Family members describe her as fair-skinned. Mara has short hair that was dark brown on Friday, the day of her disappearance. But her family say they expect that she has colored or bleached it since or possibly a wig. Mara, say her family, has the sweetest cherub cheeks and dark, sculpted eyebrows that are “on point.” Her eyes are blue.

HAPPY UPDATE: Mara Bradley-Chiofalo has been found safe. Her loved ones have posted on their Facebook page for her:

Please only follow updates from this page for possible sightings of Mara. We suspect several directions and are working on all possible leads, but please do not post any information that has not been posted here first. You all created so much momentum and have been so diligent about searching for her-we kinda can’t do any of this without you.
Thank you for all of you prayers, love, support, and SHARES!

IPod playing, 2 favorite blankets, her 3 stuffies (that she left GA with), and her favorite jacket draped over her lap…we have some very precious cargo buckled up for her trip north.
We had a few tips from friends/acquaintances of Mara’s that led us to her in Florida. We drove all night last night and arrived around 8:30 this morning.
There certainly is more that will unfold in the coming days and with the proper support for our whole family, we are eager to hear all about it.
But for now, lots of sunshine, rest, warm food, and loads of fruits and veggies.
“Thank you” doesn’t quite cover it for all of your support. We are exhausted but we have been so well-tended to by our community and our friends that we were able to pour ourselves into this crisis. What a village we are.
All of our love and our thanks, Mara’s family.

Find Missing Mara Bradley-Chiofalo!

Many teens and young people who run away from home have families who don’t care about them. Many come from unloving or abusive home. Others run away from foster care. Mara Bradley-Chiofalo clearly is not in any of those situations. She has a family which cares greatly about her. They are living their worst nightmare. Many teenagers don’t realize that their families love them more than anyone else does. It is unknown if Mara left to meet someone, even a person she may have met online. Let’s help spread the word and help get Mara back to her loving family. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Mara Bradley-Chiofalo? Do you have any information concerning any individual (s) who may be involved in her disappearance? If you have info, please contact Clarkston Police Department at (404) 292-9465. If you have seen Mara Bradley-Chiofalo, call 9-1-1 immediately!

Mara’s family request that you email them at or call/text 404-219-0146.

Bringing Mara Home, is a Facebook page that Mara Bradley-Chiofalo’s parents set up for her. It is the primary information source for this piece. Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.

The above image is courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc.


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