Find Missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***


Find missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh!
She has already fallen victim to human trafficking.
And it seems that is returning to her pimp.
She is a minor, not an adult.

Find Missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh!

Find missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh! She is a teen sex trafficking victim. Authorities fear that her human trafficker has lured her back into this life. He had recently bonded out of jail. She is believed to be in Las Vegas. Malia Jenai Carbaugh, 16 years old, is missing out of Portland, Oregon. She was last seen on August 10, 2017. Investigators are concerned she is endangered. This is because she is underage and was associated with a sex trafficking investigation in Los Angeles. And it was late last month.

Find Missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh!
More Circumstances

In July 2017, Malia was rescued in Las Vegas. This was during a sex trafficking sting. James Damarr Jackson, age 25, who allegedly pimped the girl out in California and Nevada. He was arrested and charged with human trafficking a minor for his role in Malia’s victimization. He was released on bail recently. And police believe he has lured Malia to Las Vegas to meet him. Investigators confirmed she had a plane ticket for a Spirit Airlines flight from Portland International Airport to Las Vegas.

Malia is of unknown minority. She is described as 5’2” tall and she weighs 100 pounds. She has brown hair. By now, it could have been dyed a different color. Malia brown eyes and a pierced navel.

Find Missing Malia Jenai Carbaugh!
Bring Her Home

Malia needs to be located quickly before further harm comes to her. She is reportedly already a victim. No doubt she has family, friends, and community who are frantic for her to be rescued. As a teen, she is not an adult. Stop human trafficking in her case. Spread the word and her poster far and wide so she can be located and rescued. Someone knows something about this crime and needs to talk. Are you someone (s) who has information about the whereabouts of Malia Jenai Carbaugh? You can contact Detective Chad Opitz at: (971) 563-7545. Or you can contact the Portland Police at: (503) 823-3333. Have you seen Malia? Call 9-1-1 promptly!

HAPPY UPDATE: It has come to my attention that Malia was found safe in Las Vegas and is now in protective custody. Click here to read the article.

This is one of several press releases that confirms that Malia is missing. Click here to read the article.

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  1. She has been out there before she came to him, she ran away If home because her parents was to strict she say. If your going to tell it tell it right. She was a runaway who found him. Who has been having sex since 13, her own sister turned her out period.

    • Hello:

      I provided information as it came to me.

      Lisa DeSherlia

      • I know this situation to well. She was never a victim. Only her age makes it wrong, but this girl used drugs and got turned out by her sister. This person never had sex with her, she was just there trying to make money and she came to me before, she went to him, but was to wild. She was his pimp…..young but very wise. Victim lol, you people kill me. Who’s protecting the men from these girls that show fake driver license to them. She still looks 20 without make up. He needs to press charges on her if he has not already.


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