Find Missing Maggie Long! ***(TRAGIC UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***


Find missing Maggie Long!
She helped organize a concert at her high school.
But she never showed up for it.
A crime scene near her home under investigation
May have something to do with her being missing.

Find Missing Maggie Long!

Find missing Maggie Long! Maggie Long is an endangered missing teen girl. She went missing in Park County, Colorado. She was last seen on December 1,2017, leaving Platte Canyon High School on the end of the school day. Maggie had helped organize a concert at her high school. And when she did not show up for it her family became worried. She had run home after school to get something. And she never returned to the school for the concert. Her car is parked at her home.

Find Missing Maggie Long!

My Internet research tells me that Maggie Long’s disappearance follows a a fire at her home. Or the fire occurred at a home near her hers. And the home is currently being investigated for arson and may be connected with her disappearance. Maggie Long is an Asian female. She is 17 years old. Maggie has brown hair and brown eyes. She is described as 5’3″ tall and 125 pounds. It is unknown what she was wearing at the time of her disappearance.

SAD UPDATE: This was posted on a Facebook page:

To the many friends around the world who have been praying for Maggie Long, I am heartbroken to announce that her body has been found in the burned home where she lived. They are treating this as a homicide. My prayer has now changed to the hope they find out exactly what happened and if there was foul play as suspected that those who were involved are caught. Of course, we also need to pray for her family and many friends. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Find Missing Maggie Long!

Maggie’s disappearance is suspicious. If a crime scene may be connected to her disappearance, her family members must be extremely concerned! Maggie’s sister is pushing awareness for her. Her family now are going through a nightmare and have cause for concern, given the circumstances involved. This does not sound like any runaway and time is, as her sister states, of the essence. Her loved ones are begging for tips and leads, no matter how small. So let’s generate them through circulating Maggie’s story to try and reach those with information. Maggie is somewhere at this moment and needs to be brought home.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that the arson investigation is at Maggie’s home. Police will not comment on her whereabouts. Click here to read it.

Do you have any information as pertaining to the whereabouts of Maggie Long? The house being investigated for arson that may be connected to her disappearance? If you have info, please contact the Park County Sheriff’s Substation at (303) 838-4441. If you have seen Maggie, call 9-1-1!

This disturbing article suggests that a house being investigated for arson is near Maggie’s home. And it may be connected to her disappearance. Click here to read it.


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