Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!

Find missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
She mysteriously went missing from her home
Six years ago.
There have been no suspects, arrests, charges, or convictions.
Few clues exist as to
What happened to Lisa?

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!

Find missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin! She went missing as a baby. At her disappearance, Lisa was ten months and 24 days old. She was born in the year 2010. Her current age is six years old. Lisa has been missing since October 4, 2011. She is missing out of Independence, which is in Kansas City, Missouri. Lisa Renee Irwin is a Caucasian female. She has large blue eyes. Her hair is described as strawberry blonde. Reportedly, Lisa didn’t have much hair at the time of her disappearance. She had only a small tuft on top of her hear. And she had fine baby hair.

Lisa has a small beauty mark on her right thigh. It that looks like a freckle. It also can be called a birthmark.
When last seen, Lisa was wearing purple shorts. She was also wearing a purple top with white kittens on it.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!

Lisa’s father, Jeremy Irwin, was the one who last saw her. It was around 4:00 A.M. on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. This is according to Deborah Bradley, Lisa’s mother. Lisa’s mother states that she herself last saw her daughter when she checked on her at 6:40 P.M. Monday night. That was the evening before Lisa reportedly vanished. However, when Jeremy come home from his late night job on Tuesday, he noticed that much in the home was in a state of disarray.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
More Circumstances N Investigation

Deborah, Lisa’s mother, says more about the circumstances of Lisa’s disappearance. Jeremy had discovered many of the home’s lights were on. He found that a window was open and the front door was not locked. Later, the family reportedly told police that several cell phones were also missing. Soon Lisa was reported missing, in the early morning hours of October 4, 2011. Police began to investigate afterwards. During the subsequent investigation, they questioned witnesses.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
An Intruder?

Police discovered two witnesses who gave an account that supports the intruder theory. They claimed to have seen a man walking down the street with a baby. Police were able to find and question a man. He matched the description of one witness. However, the other witness claimed that his photo did not match the man they saw
With this new development, investigators began to look at Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
Parents Under Investigation

When a baby or child goes missing, investigators look at the family. And so on October 19, 2011, they conducted a search on the Irwin home. And court documents showed that a cadaver dog turned up the scent of a dead body. This scent was found near the mother’s bed. Investigators removed items from the home at the time the warrant was executed. Items they removed included a multi-color comforter and purple shorts. Investigators also removed a multi-color Disney character shirt and a Glo Worm toy. They also removed a Cars themed blanket, rolls of tape, and a tape dispenser.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
Media Appearances

The Associated Press interviewed Deborah Bradley. She said that the police had accused her of being involved in Lisa’s disappearance. According to her, she had failed a lie detector test. And they had told her, “You did it. You did it. And we have nothing.” Deborah and Jeremy made an announcement the following week. They were going to organize a reward. They hoped that it would bring in new information. In October, the Irwin family reported that an anonymous giver had hired a private investigator.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
More Media Appearances

A $100,000 reward was issued for information leading to Lisa’s safe return. The reward and its dollar amount remain the same today. Jeremy Irwin appeared on the Today show for an interview regarding the circumstances of Lisa’s disappearance. The father said, “We just want to make sure that we tell everybody that we’re still cooperating. We’re still talking to the police. We’re doing everything we can to try to find Lisa and bring her home. Lisa’s mother was also on the show.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
Lisa’s Brothers Questioned

Cyndy Short had been representing the Irwin family. So had Joe Tacopina. In October 2013, Short stopped representing the Irwin family. She stated that she couldn’t work with Tacopina. Lisa’s brothers were scheduled for interviews. Police wanted to collect DNA samples regarding the case. However, their parents canceled the night before. This is according to Tacopina. Allegedly, Lisa’s parents denied investigators access access to the boys. Still, the boys were interviewed on November 10, 2011.

Police claim that early stages of their investigation were hindered. They had made a request for a warrant. But inconsistent stories from those involved hampered their investigation.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!
Fraud Victims?

Lisa’s parents claim that they become fraud victims. In May 2012, they reported that their debit card had been fraudulently used on a website. The website, the parents state, provides false birth certificates. The Today Show and America Live have confirmed that the website existed. Their attorney also confirmed that he visited the website. Police have said they they are continuing their investigation. And they believe that Lisa Irwin may still be alive,

In October 2013, it was believed that Lisa Irwin was sighted in a gypsy camp. The camp was inside Greece. Authorities investigated the sighting and determined that the girl was not Lisa.

Find Missing Baby Lisa Renee Irwin!

Since October 2013, there have been no known new developments in Lisa’s case. Her case has generated massive attention and resources from investigators. Her family, friends, and community have proactively pushed awareness for her from the beginning. Her Facebook page has many thousands of “likes.” Yet Lisa’s whereabouts remain a mystery. The family may be under police scrutiny. This is normal when a baby or young child is taken or missing. WE don’t know that facts and all is under investigation. So give the Irwin family the benefit of the doubt, that Lisa may indeed may have been kidnapped by someone who wanted a baby to raise as their own. Hopefully Lisa is alive and being raised as someone else’s child. That would be much better than the other scenario.

Lisa’s family ask that if anyone has information, to call the umber on the poster. Is that you? Call
816-474-TIPS (8477). If you have seen Lisa Irwin, call 9-1-1!

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The top image is courtesy of the Facebook page set up for Baby Lisa Irwin.

The top image is also courtesy of the family website for Lisa Irwin. Click here to visit this site.

Other information is courtesy of Lisa’s NamUs Database.

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