Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!

Find MIssing Laura Negrete Cerda!

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!
She was headed to town to visit friends saying
She would be back the next day.
But she was never heard from again!
She has been missing for seven years.

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda! Laura has been missing since January 1, 2010. She is missing from San Rafael, California. She is classified simply as missing. Cerda was born on January 1. At the time of her disappearance, Laura was 35 years old. Her current age is 42 years old. Laura is a Latino female of Hispanic ethnicity. Cerda is described as 5’1″ tall and 240 pounds. Laura has red hair and brown eyes. Laura has a scar on her left cheek. When last seen, Laura was wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants.

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!

Laura Cerda was last seen in San Rafael, California. She left her home to go visit friends on January 1, 2010. She was headed to San Jose, California. Cerda told her husband that she would be back the next day. But she was never heard from again. Cerda didn’t drive at the time of her disappearance. She reportedly used public transportation to get around. Laura was supposed to take a Greyhound bus to San Jose. But no records show her having paid for a ticket. Few details are available in her case.

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!
Unequal Missing Persons Searches

This is a limited information case. There is nothing known about any searches for Cerda. Nothing is known about any investigative efforts. Lara Cerda’s case evidence that missing persons searches are sadly unequal. Internet searches yield few results. Facebook search results yield even fewer. When I tried a Facebook search, I got one result. It had only one “like” and not one “share.” There seem to be no family campaigns to push awareness for this woman. Nothing.

Find Missing Laura Negrete Cerda!

Laura Cerda has been missing for seven years. During that time, she seems to have received no awareness and no known resources. I know full well that women who are pretty and from affluent backgrounds, get attention, awareness, and the best resources. Their families tend to have the resources, know-how, and social connections to push awareness for their missing loved ones. Laura’s family may not have these. Many families don’t. I’m sure Laura’s family want her home just as much as the vocal families of high-profile missing woman.

Someone (s) has information that can bring Laura back home to her family! Do you have any information about her whereabouts? If so, you’re asked to contact the San Rafael Police Department. Call them at: (415) 485-3000, 9-1-1, or your local police.

The above information can be found on Laura’s Charley Project page. I have adaped and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo is courtesy of Laura’s NamUs Database.

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