Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!
Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Find missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!
She was reportedly pregnant at the time.
She left home driving her roommate’s vehicle.
She wanted to buy children’s clothes and a new couch.
But she never returned home.
It has been half a century
Since her loved ones last saw her.
It has been half a century
Since her loved ones last heard from her.
What happened to this pregnant mom?

Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Missing Person: Laura Lee Asynithe Flink
Missing Since
Missing From
Aberdeen, Washington State
Endangered Missing
Date of Birth
05/15/1947 (71 years old current age)
Age when last seen
21 years old
Height and Weight
5’2, 115 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description
A gold corduroy jacket, a green sweatshirt, green stretch pants and moccasins.
Medical Conditions
Flink may have been two to three months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Flink has a gap between her upper front teeth. She may use the last names Lewis and/or Bondurant. Her nickname is Sam.

Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Laura Lee Asynithe Flink was last seen in Aberdeen, Washington State. This incident occurred at approximately 4:00 P.M. on February 21, 1969. She wanted to get some children’s clothes and a new couch. Barb Askea, a woman in Moclips, Washington State, offered to give clothes and a couch to her. But this was only if Flink came to pick them up that same day.

Flink agreed and left home driving her roommate’s red 1967 Ford Ranchero. It had the Washington license plate number U23307 on County Road 101 towards Moclips. She never returned home and has never been heard from again.

Her brown leather wallet was found on a sidewalk in Hoquiam, Washington State on February 23. It was mailed to her post office box in Aberdeen, but she never picked it up. The car she was driving was found outside a tavern in the 700 block of J Street in Hoquiam on February 24.

Flink knew Askea from before. Her ex-husband had wanted the Askea family to adopt the toddler son he and Flink had together. For he thought Flink was too young and too unprepared to be a mother. The child spent extended time periods with the Askeas while Flink worked long hours. Eventually, just before her disappearance, Flink got full custody of her son.

There were custody battle between her and the Askea family. Then, Flink had altercations with Barb at least twice. Flink’s roommate knew of her history with Askea. He advised her not to go to Moclips alone. But he couldn’t come with her and neither could two friends she asked. So she decided to go by herself.

For years, Askea claimed Flink had never arrived in Moclips. In 2006, however, when re-interviewed by police over the phone while she was living in Georgia, she admitted Flink had actually come to pick up the couch and clothes. She said she and Flink went to the Moclips Tavern for drinks afterwards. Askea was in poor health at the time of the interview and said she felt too unwell to speak further.

Following the phone interview, a detective flew to Georgia to confront Askea. She asked Askea to disclose where Flink’s remains were. He promised that there would be no prosecution if she confessed. Askea replied, “I can’t help you with that.” She died in 2008 without ever admitting to any involvement in Flink’s disappearance.

Flink worked as a waitress in 1969 at the Blue Beacon at the time of her disappearance. She had no other source of income. After she went missing, her son was raised by his parents. He didn’t find out his mother was a missing person until he was in his teens.

He still hopes for closure in his mother’s disappearance. Police think Flink was murdered and that Askea was responsible. But they don’t believe she acted alone. Flink’s case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Laura Lee Asynithe Flink!

Laura Lee Asynithe Flink has been missing for 50 years. She was a pregnant young mom when she was last seen. As she was carrying an unborn baby at time, two people have actually been missing for all this time. What hapened to Flink probable also happened to her unborn baby. Flink’s son and other surviving loved ones need answers. Police presume her deceased and presume who is responsible. But that person is deceased. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Laura Lee Asynithe Flink? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts and movements of Barb Askea surrounding the time of Flink’s February 21, 1969 disappearance?

Contact Information:

Agency Name: Aberdeen Police Department
Agency Contact Person: Sergeant C.J. Chastain
Agency Phone Number: 360-533-3180 or 1-360-538-4457
Agency E-Mail:
You may call your local police agency or 9-1-1.
Agency Case Number: 69-01832
NCIC Case Number: M191987184
NamUs Case Number: 836

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