Find Missing Krystal Jongsma! ***HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE)***


Find missing Krystal Jongsma!
Her grandfather had dropped her off at her high school
And she was walking toward the school library.
But she did not attend any of her classes that day.
And she has never been seen again.
Talk about a mysterious disappearance!

Find Missing Krystal Jongsma!

Find Missing Krystal Jongsma! Krystal Jongsma is from Lompoc, California. It was Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at 7:30 A.M. According to a school person where she attends, Krystal’s grandfather had dropped her off at Cabrillo High School at that time in the morning. Krystal was last seen walking toward the library at
Cabrillo High School In Vandenburg Village. But she did not attend any of her classes. She has never been seen again. Police have classified as at-risk missing.

Find Missing Krystal Jongsma!

Krystal Jongsma is a Caucasian female. Little physical description is available. Krystal’s height and weight are unknown. Her eyes color is unknown. Krystal’s hair color can be guessed by studying her pictures in the top poster. She wears glasses, as shown in her pictures. Jongsma was last seen wearing dark colored pants and a dark colored sweatshirt. She was also carrying an olive green backpack. It is unknown if Krystal has scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings.

HAPPY UPDATE: Krystal Jongsma has been found safe! Click here to read the article.

Find Missing Krystal Jongsma!
How We Can Help

Krystal Jongsma is much loved and missed by her family, friends, and community. The Cabillo High School Aluni Association-Vandenburg Villa CA have posted her case story on their page. They have shared it from another person at the high school that Krystal attends. There is little physical description of Krystal, so we have to use our best judgment in studying the top poster. This does not sound like a runaway case to me. In that case, she would have been more likely to be seen leaving the school. Bear in mind that police classify her as an at-risk missing person.

Someone knows something. Do you have any information as to the whereabouts of Krystal Jongsma? If so, please contact the City of Lompoc Police Dept — with City of Lompoc Police Dept at City of Lompoc Police Dept. Call them at: (805) 736-2341. Have you seen Krystal? Call 9-1-1!

The Lompoc Police Department, who are handling Krystal Jongsma’s case, have issued their short press release about her. Click here to read the article.

This is the most updated article, dated for October 4, 2017. IT updates Krystal Jongsma’s missing case. Click here to read the article.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Locate the Missing.


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