Find Missing Kiplyn Davis!

Find Missing Kyplyn Davis!

Find missing Kiplyn Davis!
She was last seen at her high school.
She showed up for her morning classes.
She ate lunch with her friends.
But she did not show up for her afternoon classes.
And she was never seen again.
This happened over 23 years ago.
Where is Kiplyn Davis?

Find Missing Kiplyn Davis!

Find Missing Kiplyn Davis! Kiplyn Davis has been missing since May 2, 1995. She is missing from Spanish Fork, Utah. Kiplyn Davis’s case is classified as a non-family abduction. Her year of birth is 1979. At the time of her disappearance, Kiplyn was 15 years old. Her current age is 39 years old. Kiplyn Davis is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’3″ tall and 110 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Kiplyn has pierced ears and a small birthmark on the back of her neck. She has a few facial freckles and her hair is naturally curly. It was cut in bangs and below her shoulders at the time of her May 1995 disappearance. Kiplyn may wear a lower dental retainer.

Find Missing Kiplyn Davis!

When she was last seen, Kiplyn Davis was wearing an off-white long-sleeved crewneck shirt with a beige stripe. She wore a light blue denim vest with beige stripes and a small designer tag on the side reading “ENUF.” Kiplyn wore a dark blue denim Bum Equipment shorts. She wore white leather cork-soled Colorado sandals with three straps on the front and two around the heel. Kiplyn wore royal blue underpants and a white Hanes bra. She wore a Guess watch with a black leather band and a large face trimmed in silver. Kiplyn wore a sterling silver band-type ring with a flower design and a shield-shaped sterling silver ring engraved with the letters “CTR.” It had flowers on either side of the letters.

Find Missing Kiplyn Davis!

Kiplyn Davis was last seen at Spanish Fork High School in her hometown of Spanish Fork, Utah on May 2, 1995. She was a sophomore at the school at the time.

She attended her early driver’s education class and her regular morning classes and ate lunch with her friends, but did not show up for her fourth and fifth period classes after lunch.

There were possible sightings of Kiplyn in a vehicle on Main Street in Spanish Fork. This was shortly after she was last seen in school. But these have not been confirmed.

All of her personal belongings, including her purse, makeup, dental retainer and schoolbooks, were left in her locker at school and she never returned home for the day. Kiplyn’s family resided eight blocks from her school. She was reported missing when she failed to arrive home by 5:00 P>M. She has never been heard from again.

Kiplyn’s disappearance was initially investigated as a runaway case. This was due to her age and the fact that she had had an argument with her family about school shortly before she disappeared.

However, her parents say it is out of character for her to leave without warning. She was happy with her life at the time of her disappearance; she was about to get her driver’s license and her older sister was getting married.

Months passed with Kiplyn’s return or any clues as to her whereabouts. Police began to suspect foul play in her disappearance. Her family believes she was murdered. After her disappearance there were rumors that her body was buried in a local canyon, but her remains were never found.

Four years after her disappearance, her family held a memorial service for Kiplyn. They put up a marker in her name at the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. They are still searching for her, however.

Numerous indictments were made in Kiplyn’s case in 2005. In April, Scott Brunson was charged with perjury and lying to a federal agent. In August, Garry Von Blackmore was also charged with perjury and lying to a federal agent. In September, Timmy Brent Olsen was charged with fifteen counts of lying to a grand jury. In October, Christopher Neal Jeppson was charged with perjury before a grand jury and making false statements to an FBI agent. In November, David Rucker Leifson was charged with perjury.

Olsen, Jeppson, Brunson and Leifson were all students at Spanish Fork High school when Kiplyn disappeared. But Blackmore did not attend the school and did not know her. Several of them have criminal histories.

Olsen, Jeppson, Brunson and Leifson were all members of the high school’s drama club. And they stated they were hanging lights in the school auditorium in preparation for an upcoming performance on the day Kiplyn disappeared. However, a community choir performed in the auditorium during the time the defendants said they were there, and none of the choir members saw any of them.

In December 2005, Brunson struck a plea deal with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to six counts of making false statements to an FBI agent and grand jury. The following January, Blackmore struck a similar plea bargain and served thirteen months in prison.

Olsen’s perjury trial was conducted in the summer of 2006. He presented no defense and was convicted on all charges. He was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison. This is a longer sentence than is recommended by federal guidelines, although much shorter than what the prosecutor requested. The judge took Kiplyn’s presumed murder into account as a factor in sentencing.

In September 2007, Jeppson was convicted of four counts of perjury at a jury trial. He was sentenced to five years in prison. In October 2007, Leifson pleaded guilty to a single count of perjury was sentenced to five years in prison.

Blackmore pleaded guilty to two more counts of perjury in 2011 and was sentenced to 36 months of probation, at the request of both the prosecution and the defense. He stated the court case had turned his life around and he had gotten off drugs, gotten married and was holding down a job.

Authorities believe Kiplyn was raped and murdered and several people who knew her or knew her associates are covering up the crime. They believe Leifson and Olsen were responsible for her presumed death and the other men manufactured an alibi for them so that they might avoid detection.

After Blackmore’s plea of guilty to perjury, Olsen was charged with first-degree murder in connection with Kiplyn’s presumed death.

Jeppson was charged with Kiplyn’s murder in October 2007. In May 2009, a month before his trial was scheduled, he reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. He pleaded no content to obstruction of justice and the prosecution agreed he could no longer be charged in connection with Kiplyn’s disappearance and presumed death.

Jeppson maintains complete innocence in Kiplyn’s case, and signed an affidavit saying he was not involved in her abduction and doesn’t know what happened to her.

In February 2011, a month before his murder trial was supposed to begin, Olsen pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in Kiplyn’s case. He was sentenced to a term of one to fifteen years in prison, rather than the life sentence he would have gotten if he’d been convicted of murder.

Through his attorney, Olsen stated he witnessed another person hit Kiplyn twice in the head with a softball-sized rock. He and that person moved her body under some trees in Spanish Fork Canyon, then that night moved it elsewhere. He didn’t name his accomplice, but he did say the accomplice was one of the three other suspects who’d already pleaded guilty to perjury.

Kiplyn’s father offered several times to advocate for Olsen if he would reveal the whereabouts of Kiplyn’s body, but Olsen refused to do so even at his sentencing.

Kiplyn has never been located. Foul play is suspected in her case due to the circumstances involved.

Find Missing Kiplyn Davis!

There is not too much to add here. Kiplyn Davis is one more missing teen who was at first presumed to be a runaway. But now she is a presumed crime victim. And she has never been found. Kiplyn’s family to one wish. They finally want to know where she is. Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Kiplyn Davis? You may contact the Spanish Fork Police Department (Missing Persons Unit) at: (801-798-5070. You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678. You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

NCMEC #: NCMC804981
Agency Case Number: 950810
NCIC Number: M-829177605
NamUs Number: MP1625

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