Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Find missing Kianna Galvin!
She planned to take a walk to the park
And planned on returning.
But she never came home again.
Many agencies have classified Kianna as a runaway.
But she took nothing with her
And never contacted her family again.
What happened to her?

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Find Missing Kianna Galvin! Kianna has been missing since May 6, 2016. She is missing from South Elgin, Illinois. Her case is classified as an endangered runaway one. Kianna was born in the year 1998. At her disappearance, Kianna was 17 years old. Her current age is 18 years old. Kianna Galvin is an African-American female. Other agencies list her as Biracial. She is described as between 5’4″ and 5’6″ tall. She is described as between 125 to 150 pounds. Kianna has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Kianna has a tattoo of a heart, a pulse line, and a cross on her left wrist. She also has a tattoo of three words in script. It runs up her forearm. There are piercings in the right side of her nose and in her naval. Both her ears are pierced twice. However, she wasn’t wearing earrings at her disappearance. When last seen, Kianna was wearing a black tank top. She was wearing black yoga pants with studs on the outside. Kianna was wearing size 9 zebra-print Nike flip-flops. She was wearing a silver stud in her nose , a gold and pink naval ring, and brown sunglasses.

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!

Kianna was last seen in South Elgin, Inninois. She was last seen on May 6, 2016. At 12:30 P.M., she told a family member that she was going to take a walk. Kianna stated that she would head to Jim Hansen Park and she would return in a few hours. But Kianna never returned home and she was never seen again. Many agencies classified Kianna as a runaway. But investigators and her family do not believe that she left of her own accord. She has never run away from home before. And none of her family or friends heard from Kianna since she disappeared.

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!
More Circumstances

Kianna also behind her wallet, purse, and cell phone charger. And she has no car, bank account or credit cards. Kianna’s Cellular phone hasn’t been used since 2:00 P.M., the day she went missing. Before her disappearance, Kianna had been on juvenile probation. But her probationary period had recently ended. Kianna had attended South Elgin High School. Then she attended Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois. And she was working on getting a GED. Kianna was considering attending an art and design school in Atlanta, Georgia. She wasn’t dating anyone at the time of her disappearance.

Kianna had recently broken up with her boyfriend. But investigators have ruled him out as a suspect in her case. The day before her disappearance, Kianna was fired from her job. But she seemed to be in a happy state of mind when last seen. Although there’s no evidence of foul play in her case, Kianna’s lack of contact with her family is a red flag to police.

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!
According to Family

Kianna’s family are definitely concerned about her welfare. That is too mild a word. They are devastated. Kianna’s family have set up a Facebook page for her. On July 16, 2017, Kianna’s birthday, her mother posted on the page Timeline.

My Beautiful Bday Girl.😢Can’t begin to put words to how I’m feeling as ur mother missing my 1st born baby girl today ur 19th BIRTHDAY. My love this is the day u came into this world 7/16/98@4:36p.m & ever since became my reason to breath. As I sit here WITHOUT U😢💔not knowing WHERE U are, WHAT HAS HAPPENED to U, IF U are OK I’m GOIN insane with grief & worry I will FIGHT through this Pain, Heartache & Despair to keep looking for ANSWERS until we find u my Kikiboo. I PROMISE, 💪💯 Ur 19 today unfortunately it can’t be a happy Bday bcuz we don’t have U here to celebrate with us BUT WE WILL CELEBRATE U MY LOVE 💯

Kianna’s family are besides themselves with anguish over her. On April 6, 2017, Kianna’s mother posted her Facebook page for Kianna.

I Haven’t posted in a while due to the amount of sorrow I am drowning in & not getting the answers I DESERVE especially ALL what I want to know & hear & what WE ALL want & need to KNOW. Our LOVELY Kianna clearly has disappeared… NOW WE KNOW FOR A FACT that FOUL PLAY IS involved & that’s all I can really elaborate on so as not to compromise the on going investigation. But I will & can say without a doubt it is extremely SUSPECT that the very last person to communicate & see her 5/6/16 knows EXACTLY what has happened & U need to speak on it & not be a P.O.S coward any longer. UR time is running out. It has now been 11months u STOLE OUR BEAUTIFUL CHILD KIANNA from US ALL & NOW our families UNIMAGINABLE NIGHTMARE of this whole ordeal to unbareably & eventually have to come to terms that the possible outcome may be we will NEVER EVER see her beautiful face again is a grim disbelief of the worst heartache & dispare any parent should go through. We will find out what ur hiding & the truth should & will set U free,TELL THE TRUTH . U have to live with knowing what only U know & our family is fully AWARE of..U have Done something to my beautiful,loving,caring,sweet 17 yr old 1st born DAUGHTER who never got to celebrate her milestone 18th Bday because of a selfless, ignorant, disrespectful, p.o.s.U are & IN WHAT WAY, WHY, HOW OR CAN u every live with urself knowing what Only U know…& TIME 2 TALK NOW… MAN UP PUNK

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A second Facebook page has been set up for Kianna. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

Find Missing Kianna Galvin!
How We Can Help

It seems that law enforcement is quick to classify missing persons as runaways. They especially do this with teens and adults. Yes, many disappearances are voluntary. At least, the person runs away as starters. But there is such a thing as leaving on one’s accord and then encountering foul play. This is not to suggest that Kianna ran away. She was classified as such by outside agencies but not be investigators. Families know their missing loved ones better than anyone. They are in the position to know if they are they would vanish on their own accord, or not.

Even if Kianna had run away, she would still deserve to be found safe. And her family and friends would still deserve answers. Someone (s) knows something that can give this family answers. Is this you? Do you have any information that can help locate Kianna Galvin? If so, find contact information below.

South Elgin Police Department

(847) 741-2151 OR
(630) 232-8400

This article was written on Kianna’s annual missing date. She had “made it” to one year of being missing. Click here to read the article.

The above information and tattoo image can be found on Kianna’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top image and the second image and addition information are courtesy of the Facebook page set up for Kianna Galvin.


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