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Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!
She is missing from home.
She was headed to meet her boyfriend
And travel by means of public transportation.
But she never made it to her destination.
That was over nine years ago.
Where is Kelsey Emily Collins?

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins! Kelsey Emily Collins has been missing since May 9, 2009. She is missing in Everett, Washington State. Kelsey Emily Collins is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1991. At the time of her disappearance, Collins was 18 years old. Her current age is 27 to 28 years old. Kelsey Emily Collins is described as a Multiracial female. She is of African-American, Caucasian, and Native American descent. She is described as 5’5″ to 5’7″ tall at the time of her disappearance. She is described as 155 to 165 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Her hair is described as light brown and her eyes are green. When she was last seen, Collins was wearing a white, black and red Echo athletic jacket, a pink t-shirt, blue jeans and black Jordan sneakers.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Kelsey Emily Collins’ hair was chin-length at the time of her disappearance. It’s naturally curly. But she normally uses a straightening iron on it. She may dye her hair another color. Collins has a two- to three-inch surgical scar on her lower ribcage, a surgical scar across her lower abdomen, and a two-inch scar across her left hand and index finger. Her ears are pierced one time each in the lobes and the right side of her nose is pierced. Collins may go by her middle name, Emily; this was her legal name until she was seven years old.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Kelsey Emily Collins was last seen at 5:30 P>M. on May 9, 2009. At that time, she left her home on 100th Street Everett, Washington to meet her boyfriend in Seattle, Washington. She planned to travel by public transportation, either the Sound Transit #510 or Metro #101/358. She never arrived in Everett and has never been heard from again.

At the time of her disappearance, Collins was carrying only a small black purse. She carried her phone, her mp3 player, her hairbrush, her identification and a few dollars in cash. Her cellular phone has been turned off since about 8:00 P>M., the day she went missing.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!
Family LIfe

Kelsey Emily Collins’s parents divorced when she was three years old. And her stepfather was violent and abused her, her mother and three siblings. When she was seven. Her mother took left the state with her and the other children and changed their names to get away from her stepfather. He is now serving a twenty-year prison sentence.

Kelsey Emily Collins’s mother said her daughter began having problems when she reached puberty. She started running away from home when she was twelve years old, was truant from school, became sexually active, drank alcohol, and used and sold drugs.

Kelsey Emily Collins eventually she got involved in prostitution. This was after she started dating an older man who turned out to be a pimp. She walked the streets in Seattle and in Portland, Oregon, and worked under several pimps. Her mother saw bruises on her and believed her pimps beat her, but Collins denied this. She was arrested for prostitution the first time at the age of sixteen.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!
Becoming A Witness

In 2008, Kelsey Emily Collins agreed to testify against her pimp. His name is Donnico Tyrel Johnson. And the man was charged with interstate sex trafficking of a minor, as was a woman, Lisa Miles.

Collins continued to work as a prostitute, however. And she was arrested again in April 2009, just days before she was summoned to testify against her pimp before a federal grand jury. She disappeared a few weeks later.

Because Collins was unavailable to testify, the case against Johnson and Miles was dismissed for lack of evidence in March 2010. Three months later, Johnson pleaded guilty to trafficking of a minor in another case involving a fourteen-year-old, and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Miles was also charged in that case; she took a plea deal and was sentenced to probation.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

Kelsey Emily Collins’s family believes her disappearance is connected with her court testimony. And she was placed in danger after she agreed to cooperate with the police investigation against Johnson. Although she was reportedly terrified, she had not been offered witness protection services. Johnson hasn’t faced any charges in connection with her disappearance.

In spite of her lifestyle, it’s uncharacteristic of Kelsey Emily Collins to be out of touch with her family. And she hadn’t mentioned any plans to leave. She was a student at Mariner High School in 2009. This was where she was in special education classes due to a learning disability. She could read at a fifth-grade level and had third-grade level math skills. Her case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Kelsey Emily Collins!

It is very obvious that getting justice is not so much about crimes committed but about the ability to prove these crimes beyond any reasonable doubt. Kelsey Emily Collins’ pimp is facing justice in the cases of other girls who he has trafficked. But he is not facing any consequences for crimes against Kelsey, all because investigators were unable to develop hard evidence. Kelsey’s testimony has been silenced and and so she cannot testify. But Kelsey’s loved ones have been living a nine year nightmare and deserve answers. Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Kelsey Emily Collins? Do you have any information concerning Donnico Tyrel Johnson’s whereabouts and actions surrounding Kelsey’s May 9, 2009 disappearance? Do you have any information concerning any other person (s) involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information, please contact the Everett Police Department at: (425) 257-8400. You may contact the Washington State Patrol-Missing Persons Unit: 1-800-543-5678. You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for tips that lead to the arrest and filing of felony criminal charges. To report a tip, call 800-222-TIPS (8477)

The FBI is asking people with information on the disappearance of Kelsey Collins to call at: (503) 224-4181.

NCMEC Case Number: 1218376
NamUs Case Number: MP2768
Agency Police Department: 09-9852 (Everett Police Department)

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The above information can be found on Kelsey Emily Collins’ Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International.
The above image is courtesy of the Washington State Missing Children’s Clearinghouse.


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