Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Keiosha Marie Felix, Age-Progressed to 19 (circa 2015)

Find missing Keiosha Marie Felix!
Has the system failed her?
A cop was overzealous in charging people in her disappearance.
Now there are no suspects in her case.
Has this hindered the investigation?
What happened to Keiosha?

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Find missing Keiosha Marie Felix! Keiosha Marie Felix has been missing since April 30, 2012. She is missing from Dudson, Louisiana. Her case is classified as endangered missing. Keiosha was born in the year 1997. At the time of her disappearance, Keiosha was 16 years old. Her current age is 21 years old. Keiosha Marie Felix is an African-American female. At the time of her disappearance, Felix was 5’0″ tall and 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Keiosha’s nickname is Red.

There is little physical description of Keiosha Marie Felix. She has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. It is unknown what she may have been wearing at the time of her disappearance.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Keiosha Marie Felix was in the custody of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCF). This was in the year 2012. Keiosha’s mother was in prison. She was living in Maison de Mere. This was a group home for pregnant teenage girls or teen moms of young children. Felix got a weekend pass to visit her paternal aunt, Patricia Andrus. She was last seen leaving Andrus’s Duson, Louisiana home on April 30, 2012. Her case was originally treated as a runaway. Her 19 year old cousin, Portia, claimed that she heard from Felix and that she was okay. Keiosha had run away once before, but only for two days.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Keiosha often used her cellular phone and Facebook account before she went missing. But neither of them have been active since she disappeared. She also left behind her one year old. And her loved ones state that she would not have abandoned her child. In July 2012, three months after Leiosha was last seen, authorities charged Leon Wilkerson Jr. with rape and second-degree kidnapping in connection with her disappearance. Leon is Andrus’s boyfriend. Andrus is charged with improper supervision of a minor and accessory to rape.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!
Other Suspects

Authorities charged others in Keiosha’s disappearance. They charged Portia with obstruction of justice. Police determined that she lied when she claimed that Keiosha got in touch with her after her disappearance. Allegedly, Keiosha told her aunt that Wilkerson sexually assaulted her. Andrus was said to confronted Leon with the allegation, which he denied. So she didn’t report it to the police or the DCF. In August 2012, Leon’s brother,
Ronald Wilkerson, was also charged with kidnapping in Keosha’s case.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!
A System Failure

The Duson Police Department originally handled Keiosha’s case. Lieutenant Gerald Credeur, the Assistant Che made two illegal arrests in Chief of Police, was in charge. However, in September 2012, Credeur was taken off the investigation and suspended from duty. Then he was fired. Allegation have it that he made two illegal arrests in Keiosha’s case. He was accused of Illegal searches and seizures and lying to the courts. After Credeur was taken off Keiosha’s case, all charges against those charged in her disappearance, were dropped.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!
Back to Square One

Currently, there are no suspects in Keiosha’s case. For all charges against her cousin and aunt were dropped. So were the charges against the Wilkerson brothers. According to the District Attorney, the charges against them were “unsubstantiated hearsay.” Authorities have released surveillance images of a man in an AT&T store in Lafayette, Louisiana. They have asked for the public’s help in identifying him. Authorities state that he isn’t a suspect in Keiosha’s disappearance. But they believe that he could have information in her case.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Possible Witness

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Possible Witness

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Possible Witness







Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

Just A Missing Person

Now Keiosha’s case has been downgraded to a mysterious disappearance. A simple missing person. But authorities believe that the unidentified male can help move their investigation forward. He is described as 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall with a stocky build. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a rosary-type cross necklace. He had bought a cellular phone subscriber identity module (SIM) card at the store. And the card was later used with Keiosha’s password.

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!
Still Alive?

Investigators believe that Keiosha is still alive. But they believe that she could be in danger. She has frequented the Veazey area of Lafayette. They believe that she may be in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana or Houston, Texas, areas. She may be in the company of an adult male or an adult female. Authorities are focusing on finding Keiosha rather than filing criminal charges against anyone in her disappearance. Keiosha is still cassified as an endangered missing person.

On the Facebook page set up to find Keiosha, a status update was posted when she had been missing for seven months. It was actually an appeal.

It’s been 7 months since Keiosha Felix disappeared without a trace. This doesn’t just happen. Somebody knows something. It’s past time to come forward and bring Keiosha home to her baby girl. Any tidbit of information may be more relevant then one might think. Anyone with any information is urged to call LPSO or the FBI. Please continue to keep Keiosha and her baby lifted up in prayer. Let’s bring Keiosha home for the holidays……

On that Facebook page, early in Keiosha’s disappearance, a photo of her with her baby daughter was posted.

Praying this evening with unwavering faith that this beautiful child is of sound mind and body no matter the…

Posted by Find Keiosha Felix Now on Friday, October 12, 2012

Find Missing Keiosha Marie Felix!

This missing person is believed to still be alive. And police know of an unidentified male who may have critical information that can solve her disappearance. Someone (s) may have information that can identify him. He needs to come forward with what he knows. Do you have any information that can identify the possible witness or anyone Keiosha may be with? They are not suspects; they are considered witnesses. Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Keiosha Marie Felix? The unidentified male in the three above images? Any male or female she may be with? If so, refer to the contact information below. Don’t hesitate, especially if she is still alive!

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office

You can contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

A Facebook page has been set up to locate Keiosha. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The above information and images can be found on Keiosha’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo is courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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