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Find Missing Kayla Michelle Whitt! ***(UPDATE: NO LONGER MISSING)***


Find missing Kayla Michelle Whitt!
She may may be in a vehicle with a man.
He is wanted by the police!
They may be in Michigan.
Where can they be now?
Any why no publicity, even local?

Find Missing Kayla Michelle Whitt!

Find missing Kayla Michelle Whitt! Kayla went missing from her father’s house on August 11,2017.
She is from Pilot, Virginia and that’s where she is missing from. Kayla was last seen leaving in a black four-door car with Anthony Hylton. He’s reportedly wanted by the police. It’s possible that they may have been sighted in Detroit, Michigan. Little timeline information is given. Nor is information provided about what Anthony is wanted by the police for.

Find missing Kayla Michelle Whitt!

Kayla Michelle Whitt is a Caucasian female. She’s described as 5’3″ tall and weighs 150 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. Kayla may possibly be wearing a pink or peach tank top, shorts and flip flops. She has several tattoos: a heart shaped rebel flag below her belly button, a pot leaf on her left thigh and on her left hand ring finger she has “JD” with a red line going through it with Void. There is no physical description of Anthony Hylton. He’s pictured in the bottom right on the top poster.

Kayla’s family and friends are worried about her well-being and safety. On August 23, 2017, on of her cousins posted on Facebook.

This is my cousin Kayla Whitt she has been missing for over a week now, almost two… Without a word! She has missed very important appointments, not sure if she is in danger at this point. Took off with some guy she just met in rehab…Prayers please for her safe return! I know she is a very strong woman, and can get thorough this! We love and miss you Kayla! Please call someone! We are all very worried!

Find Missing Kayla Michelle Whitt!

Nothing comes up in Internet searches when I search for press releases on Kayla. But family and friends have been issuing public please on Facebook. Above is one such post, italicised. Kayla was last seen with a man said to be a wanted fugitive. It’s unknown who he is in relation to her. Kayla needs to be located before she comes to harm at his hands. And he needs to “face the music” for whatever he’s wanted for. Someone knows something, as is the case in almost every case. It’s a matter of reaching them. And it’s a matter of them coming forward and talking. Cases go unsolved for years because people with information don’t tell the authorities.

Do you have information about Kayla Michelle Whitt? About Anthony Hylton? The vehicle? You’re advised to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (540) 382-6915. Have you seen Kayla? Anthony? The vehicle? Call 9-1-1!

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The above photo and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.


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