Find Missing Kayci Rae Latoski!

Find Missing Kayci Rae Latoski!

Find missing Kayci Rae Latoski!
Another teen girl mysteriously vanished and hasn’t been seen since.
Another set of parents are going through their worst nightmare.
Kayci has been missing over four days.
Wha happened and where is she?

Find Missing Kayci Rae Latoski!

Find missing Kayci Rae Latoski! She is a missing teen girl, 16 years old. Kayci disappeared on August 13, 2017. Latoski is missing out of Lansing, Michigan. Kayci is missing under unknown circumstances. When last seen, was Latoski on foot or was she in a vehicle? Was she alone or with someone else? Who last saw Kayci Latoski? And no timeline is provided. All are unknown.

Find Missing Kayci Rae Latoski!

Kayci is a Caucasian female. She’s described as 5’4” tall and she weighs 115 pounds. Latoski has light brown hair and blue eyes. She may be wearing light blue skinny jeans. On the other hand, she may be wearing teal colored leggings with small elephant print on them. Kayci may be wearing a teal color tank top with an elephant on the front. Or she may wear a maroon colored top and carrying a black purse. There isn’t a description of Kayci’s known scars, birthmarks, or any tattoos or piercings.

On August 14, 2017, Kayci’s mother wrote a Facebook post.

As you all are aware, my 15 yr old baby girl is missing .. Its been 2 days now and we havnt gotten any new info.
Im reaching out to all or any of you that can possibly help me. I dont hav a car at the monent so Kendra Nichole Latoski is helping me get around to.look for kayci, gallow leads.. Etc..
I am in desperate need of help with gas. We are in desperate need .. Anyone who please let me know … Thank you all.

Find Missing Kayci Rae Latoski!
Call for Help

Kayci’s missing case is a limited information one. We don’t have much to go on. But if you read the above italicised words from Kayci’s mom, you know that they are desperate for her to come home. It doesn’t seem that foul play is suspected, so her story may not get much attention or publicity. Blitz her story and poster to increase the odds of reaching someone (s) with information. Information that can help find this missing girl. Are you someone (s) who knows something? If you, you’re urged to contact the Lansing Police Department. Call them at: (517) 483-4600. Have you seen Kayci? Call 9-1-1!

This press release confirms that Kayci is missing. Click here to read the article.

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