Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Find missing Karena S McClerkin!
She has been missing for over a year.
It seems that police have not helped in her search.
Has she fallen between the cracks?

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Find missing Karena S McClerkin! Karena has been missing since October 31, 2016. She is missing from Kokomo, Indiana. This teen is classified as an endangered missing person. McClerkin was born in the year 1998. At the time of her disappearance, Karena was 18 years old. Her current age is 19 years old. Karena S McClerkin is an African-American female. She is described as 5’4″ tall and 130 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Her hair is described as brown/red and her eyes are brown.

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Karena S McClerkin has pierced ears. She wears prescription eyeglasses. The teen has two tattoos. They include the letters “RIP” with angel wings on her right upper arm. And she has a round symbol on the inside of her right forearm. Her nickname is Ree. When last seen, Karena was wearing a black midriff shirt. She wore a gray hooded sweatshirt and ripped jeans and brown sandals. Reportedly, Karena McClerkin has a history of substance abuse.

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Karena S. McClerkin Tattoo

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

Karena S. McClerkin Tattoo







Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!

It was October 11, 2016 in Kokomo, Indiana. Karena S McClerkin was last seen in the 1000 block of south Washington Street. Reportedly, she left her wallet and identification behind. And she has never been heard from again. She was reportedly dealing with substance abuse issues at the time of her disappearance. And she was considering admitting herself to a rehabilitation facility in Florida. But she had not finished the paperwork by the time she disappeared. Reportedly, her family believe that she may be dead.

There is limited information about police efforts in the search for Karena McClerkin.

Karena McClerkin’s family and friends post on her Facebook page. After Karena had passed her annual missing date. her sister posted on her Timeline about the disappearance of her loved one.

1 year ago my world began to fall apart; 1 year without you, 1 year of sleepless nights & heartache, 1 year of pain so deep that I’m numb but the 1 year of not knowing is the worst. I have so many questions, so much anger & pain but i will fight, thrive & live for you. They say no one is perfect but you come close & I know damn well you don’t deserve any of this. The Police/system failed you but that’s the norm when you not one of them but The fight doesn’t stop & you can still count on us. I want you to know that I’ll still give my life for you. I’ve always had your back & I always will, your justice is coming. In the meantime sis, let’s as we used to say “Get higher than the lord” lol
Sparks blunt

Find Missing Karena S McClerkin!
How We Can Help

This is a heartbreaking. There is not one word of what police have done in the search for this teen girl. From the above post and the absence of anything about any investigation, one thing is apparent. It’s that the system may have failed Karena S McClerkin and her family. For other posts indicate lack of police help in the search for Karena. This seems to happen too much in missing cases where drug abuse may be involved. I’ve heard of instances where police refused to even take missing persons reports in such cases. But this family deserve answers. And if police will not help, it may be up to us to help this family.

We can show support by “liking” the Facebook page linked below. Above all, anyone with information can help by coming forward with any information about Karena’s whereabouts. Do you have information about the whereabouts of Karena S McClerkin? The whereabouts and identity of the person (s) responsible for her disappearance?

Please contact:
Kokomo Police Department
OR 9-1-1
OR your local police.

This missing person report on Karena provides more information. Underneath the article, tips can be submitted online. Click here to read the article.

The top image is courtesy of the Facebook page set up for Karena. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The above tattoo images and information are found on Karena’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

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