Find Missing Karen Rae Bosta! ***(UPDATE: POLICE HAVE A PERSON OF INTEREST)***

Find missing Karen Rae Bosta!
Her car was found abandoned without her
Only a few days after her disappearance.
But there has been no sign of Karen.

Find Missing Karen Rae Bosta!

Find Missing Karen Rae Bosta! Karen is missing from Pergimans County, North Carolina. Bosta hasn’t been seen since May 30, 2015. Karen was last seen in the Johnston Street area in Edenton, North Carolina. She was captured on surveillance video in Walgreen’s in Edenton, North Carolina. Karen’s car was found locked and abandoned in the Gaslight Square parking lot. The area is off Broad Street. Karen’s car had been located five days after she disappeared.

Find Missing Karen Rae Bosta!

Karen’s family give some sightly different details. According to them, she was 39 rather than 40. She was seen a day later, May 31, 2015. She was leaving a Food Lion. It formerly located at North Broad Street and Coke Avenue in Edenton, North Carolina. Karen Rae Bosta is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’3″ and 150 pounds. Her hair is described as brown with some red in it. It is curly, according to her family. She has blue eyes. Bosta has a strawberry tattoo between her shoulder blades. She also has a butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

Authorities say Bosta stopped responding to calls and texts on May 30 and the last ping on her cell phone led them to a neighborhood in the county. Her phone was never located.

There is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to her location/recovery/conviction.

A family member had posted two images of the car that Karen was driving. It was found abandoned just days after she went missing. Her family want to know who may have been driving it other than Karent, as well as any other information. Vehicles often contain critical information that can solve cases.

Did you see this car?Did you see anyone driving it other than Karen?Did you or do you live in the apartments behind…

Posted by Missing Karen Rae Bosta on Friday, January 6, 2017

Karen’s family have set up a Facebook page for her. On January 12, 2017, a family member wrote a post.

Missing Karen Rae Bosta
Last seen: Edenton, NC on May 30, 2015
When our children are young we never think about the what ifs of our child just up and disappearing. We never think about the possibility of never seeing them or hearing their voice. We never think about not being able to say to them directly “I love you”
We always think about their safety and providing for them when they are young but once they reach adulthood, we often think on one level our job is complete. What’s never complete is the love we have for our child and even as an adult we often go to the end of the earth to help our grown children, but sometimes that help is just not enough.
Hug your child if you can today because your tomorrow may turn into one of the worst nightmares you could ever live or experience in not knowing where your child is.

Find Missing Karen Rae Bosta!

The family of Karen Rae Bosta are in anguish. They are not even asking for information about who is responsible for their loved one’s disappearance. They just want to know where she is. Her family have been pro-active in pushing awareness for her. Eventually, they were able to reach the attention of their state Governor. They express utter frustration because they know someone has information that can bring their loved one home. And the person isn’t talking. Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Karen Rae Bosta? Her family provide contact information below. OR you can contact the Perguimans County Sheriff’s Office. Call at: (252) 426-5615.

Anonymous contact information:
E-mail: OR
Call or text any information to 252-642-5566. We don’t need your name.

UPDATE Police have a person of interest in Karen Bosta’s case. Click here to read the article.

This article discusses how the $20,000 reward was able to be obtained for information leading to finding Karen Rae Bosta. Click here to read the article.

Above information can be found on the Facebook page that Karen’s family have set up for her. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.

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