Find Missing Kara Kopetsky! ***(SAD UPDATE: HUMAN REMAINS FOUND***


Find missing Kara Kopetsky!
She has been missing for ten years.
Recently, a murder victim was found.
Kara and that victim are connected.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!

Find missing Kara Kopetsky! This 17 year old teen was last seen on May 4, 2007. Ten years ago! Her case is classified as Endangered Missing. She was born on February 7. Now she is 27 years old. Kara is 5’5″ inches tall and weighs from 110 to 125 pounds. Kara is a Caucasian female. Her hair is brown, her eyes hazel. The teen’s has a piercing in her belly button. Both her ears are pierced twice. Kara often changes her hair color. Thus some say her hair is red. Other agencies say her hair is blonde.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
More Details

Kara has other known distinguishing characteristic. For one, she has a scar on her forehead. Kara pronounces her name as “KAR-uh.” In 2007, the teen smoked Marlboro Lights cigarettes. Upon her disappearance, Kara a gray t-shirt with a white skull print. She was wearing a gray sweater with three-quarter-length sleeves. This teen was wearing dark blue jeans. She had on a black studded belt. She had worn black and white checkered Vans sneakers. And they had bleach splotches.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!

When was this teen last seen? She was attending her Belton High School. The school is in Belton, Missouri. As stated above, she went missing on May 4, 2007. At the time, she was a Junior at her school. Kara held an after-school job at a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant. Kara has never been heard from again. At first, police thought that she was a runaway. Reports indicate that Kara had a history of running away from home. But this would be only for a couple of days at a time. However, after she was turned out to be missing for longer than that that, authorities changed their minds. So they concluded that she was not voluntarily missing.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!

Authorities classified Kara’s disappearance as a suspicious one. At the time, she had $150 in the bank. But since her disappearance, she hasn’t used her bank account. Nor has she used her MySpace account. The Motorola Razorcellular, which Kara always carried, was shut off. At the time she went missing, Kara was not driving. Kara left behind all her belongings. What did she leave behind? Clothing. Cigarettes. Makeup. Hair straightener. Her iPod. Debit card. And more. Kara was carrying a black leather hobo bag upon her disappearance. Kara was possible sighted in Louisburg, Kansas. This happened on May 17, 13 days after her disappearance. Then, she was seen with an unidentified male.

The sighting isn’t confirmed. Below, view a sketch of the man that Kara was sighted as being with. Police haven’t confirmed that the girl in the Louisburg, Kansas sighting is Kara. But they want to do so, as well as identify the unknown male.

Sketch deleted.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
Connected Case?

Authorities found that a murder victim’s case may be connected with Kara’s case. For another teenager, Kelsey Ann Smith, had gone missing from Overland Park. She was last seen in June 2007. Just two days later, Kelsey Ann Smith was found murdered.Were Kelsey’s and Kara’s cases connected? There was speculation about that. For they had gone missing not far apart from each other. Both looked alike and were the same age. But authorities charged a suspect with Kelsey’s murder. And they concluded that there wasn’t a connection between Kelsey and Kara.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
Red Flags?

Before she went missing, there were possible red flags in Kopetsky’s case. Kara had obtained an order of protection against Kylr C. Yust. Kara and Kylr had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for nine months. Kopetsky had reported that Yust was stalking her. Further, Kara said that Kylr had choked her. Then he threatened to slit her throat. Kara had also made this complaint on April 28. That was a week before she went missing. Yust had waited outside Kopetsky’s workplace until she finished her shift. Then he forced her into his truck. He held her captive as he transported her. Eventually, she was able to jump out of his truck.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
Further Investigation

What was the fallout of this attempted abduction? Police charged Yust with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and assault. This was in connection with the attempted abduction of Kara. Then, authorities considered him a possible suspect in the disappearance of Kopetsky. But he was cleared, as he cooperated with police. And at the time Kara went missing, Kyle had an alibi. And he pass a polygraph. He denied that he ever abused Kara. Before she went missing, Kara lived with her mom, her stepdad, and her younger brother. Her parents are divorced. Kara’s dad had lived in a nearby town. She sometimes skipped classes in 2007.

At the time, authorities saw no evidence of foul play in Kara’s disappearance. But they don’t believe she was a runaway. For years Kara’s case remained cold.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
Cold Case Heating Up?

There is an update in the disappearance of Kara Kopetsky. According to Missouri Missing, a state missing persons nonprofit, Kara’s case may be heating up. For investigators report that a preliminary timeline for a Kansas City criminal case has changed. It is called a high-profile case. A mushroom hunter had found human skeletal remains. He had found two sets of remains. Authorities say that the remains were in a rural, wooded area in Cass County.
One skeleton was older than the other. Investigators said it could take up a year to identify that skeleton. However, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker disagrees. Peters-Baker has since told KMBZ that it may actually take just two months for the older set of remains to be identified.

SAD UPDATE: The remains of Kara Kopetsky have been found. Click here to read the article.

Find Missing Kara Kopestsky?
Could This Teen Have Been Found?

The newer set of remains belonged to Jessica Runions’. They were found in the same fields as the older set of remains. Runions’ had vanished at the age of 21. She was missing for six months. Many suspect that those older set of remains belong to Kara Kopetsky. Now how were these two girls linked? Both had relationships with Kylr Yust. Yust is now serving jail time in Jackson County. He is awaiting trial. For he is alleged with setting fire to Runions’ abandoned SUV. It was on a remote road.

The Jackson County Prosecutor would not reveal any new details of either case, to KMBZ. Authorities would release no new developments in the Runions’ or Kopetsky case until after Jessica Runions’ memorial service. That service has been scheduled for Saturday. This information is based on an article. Click here to read the article.

Find Missing Kara Kopetsky!
We Can Help

The family of this teen have suffered a ten year nightmare. They maintain a Facebook profile, which is public. Do you use Facebook? You may not be able to add them as a Facebook friend. But you can follow them, as they have a Follow button on the profile. Click here to do so. Let’s share Kara’s story until we reach the person(s) who has the information needed to find Kara. Someone knows something! If you have such information, you can call the Belton Police Department at: (816) 331-1500.

The FBI has been involved in investigating Kara’s case for a long time. They are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to locating Kara Kopetsky.

UPDATE: Her reward has been increased to $90,000.

You con contact the FBI tip line at: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

You can submit a tip to the FBI online. Click here to do so.

You can locate and contact your local FBI office. Click here to locate your local FBI office.

One of the above posters and additional information are provided courtesy of Missouri Missing.

One of the above posters and additional information are provided courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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