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Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!

Find missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!

Find missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira! He was last seen on December 7, 1993. This is over 23 years ago! He was born on October 10. This boy was 7 years old when he vanished. He is 30 years old now. Jose is classified as Endangered Missing. This child is a Hispanic male. When last seen, he was 3’4″ and weighed 60 pounds. San Diego, California, is where this child was last seen. To be exact, he went missing out of San Ysidro, which is is the larger city of San Diego. His hair color is black. And his eyes are hazel in color.

Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira’s NCMEC Case Number: NCMC861376

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!

Digital age-progression images can give an idea of what a missing person would look like years later. On his poster, this child’s photo shows him as age-progressed to 29 years of age. Jose was last seen on December 7, 1993. He was in the San Diego, California area. The child’s forehead bears a scar. Paquito is a nickname he goes by. Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira was born in El Salvador. in the 1980s, Jose’s mom had moved to the U.S. She left him in the care of his grandparents. The child lived in an isolated village. Reportedly, he never went to school.

He is missing out of the U.S.

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!
Prior Events Before Child’s Disappearance

Jose’s family had been engaged in certain activity on December 7, 1993. The day he went missing.
This boy, his sister, his two teenage bothers, and his aunt wen’t yet in the U.S. But they were illegally trying to enter the country to join Jose’s mom. All of them were in a large group. And all of them made a 2,000 mile trip to Northern Mexico. Then they crossed over to an isolated desert area. It was in San Ysidro, California. All of them found the border fence and slipped under it. Someone then screamed, “Policia!” And the group scattered. Jose became separated from his family. Jose vanished after everyone got back together.

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!
The Seach

Where is this missing boy? Those who had smuggled his family over the border then took them to a safe house. After that, they went looking for Jose. He has never been found. Jose’s relatives say that he doesn’t know his birthdate. Nor his last name. Since everyone called him “Paquito,” his nickname, Jose may not know his actual name. And they’re unsure where he could vanish to. Migrants try to enter the U.S. in remote areas. They want to avoid being caught. But weather is rough. Yearly, migrants die because of exposure. Could hostile weather conditions have killed this missing boy? No one knows.

Find Missing Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira!
How We Can Help

Some agencies believe that Jose ran away and may be in New York. His whereabouts remain a mystery. American authorities continue to investigate. Jose has a number of long scars on his forehead. Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira has been missing way for decades. Now is the time to work to end his family’s nightmare. Share this freely and generate news leads. And if you are the one who has information, you are asked to call NCMEC at: 1-800-843-5678. Or you can contact the San Diego (California) Police Department at: 1-619-531-2000.

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