Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

Jose Esauro Dominguez, Age-Progressed to 47 (circa 2012)

Find missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!
He has been missing for 16 long years.
His case has received little known publicity
Even though he was abducted, no runaway.
How could his case have grown so cold?
Where is Jose? What happened to him?

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

Find missing Jose Esauro Dominguez! Jose Esauro Dominguez has been missing since August 2, 1981. He is missing from Stockton, California. Jose’s case is classified as a non-family abduction. Dominguez was born in the year 1965. At the time of his disappearance, Jose was 16 years old. His current age is 52 years old. Jose Esauro is a Latino male of Hispanic ethnicity. At the time of his disappearance, Jose was 5’4″ tall and weighed 116 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. Reportedly, Jose may have a mustache. He has a brown birthmark on his left cheek. Jose has deep facial dimples. His nickname is Che.

When last seen, Jose Esauro Dominguez was wearing a black t-shirt. The t-shirt has a zodiac sign printed on it. Jose was wearing gray corduroy pants and gray sneakers.

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

It was August 2, 1981 in Stockton, California. And it was approximately 4:00 P.M.. Jose was last seen leaving his family’s residence. Jose told his parents that he was walking down the street from their home. He said that he would return about two hours. However, Jose never arrived as scheduled. And he has never been heard from again. Few details are provided about the eight year police investigation. And there are few details about the state of mind of his family members during this time. In fact, few details are available in Jose’s case.

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!
Arrests but No Trials

Eight years after Jose disappeared on August 2, 1981, police named two suspects. Their names are Luis Pete Gagliasso and Manuel Sanchez Jr. In 1989, authorities charged both of them with murder in Jose’s disappearance. Both of these men were teens when Jose disappeared. However, the suspects were never brought to trial and Jose was never found. There seem to have been no other tips, leads, or new developments over the years. At the time of his disappearance, Jose was a student at Franklin High School. The school was in Stockton. He played the cornet and wanted to join the school’s jazz band. Foul play is suspected in his case.

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!

Some may wonder: Why post about a missing teen whose case is 36 years old? Especially if authorities presume
that he has been murdered? Well, it’s because every person deserves to be remembered. And they deserve to be brought home. Their families deserve answers. In my Facebook search, I saw that there seems to be only one poster for him. And it seems to have received no shares. Little comes up in Internet searches. Did he receive publicity when his case was new, back in the 1980’s? The coldness of his case can’t explain his lack of publicity. Other cases are as old and still receive attention and publicity.

Find Missing Jose Esauro Dominguez!
How We Can Help

Jose’s family seem to have no online presence of any kind. No Facebook groups or pages seem to have been set up for him. There are no known websites or blogs devoted to him. There are other cases, just as old, even older, who
have websites, blogs, and/or Facebook group or pages devoted to them. Prayer vigils and other events continue to be held for them. Nothing is known about Jose’s family or friends. Surely there are those who love him, miss him, and will never forget about him. In 36 long years, there have been no tips or leads. Surely someone knows something about this.

Have any information about the whereabouts of Jose Euauro Dominguez? Please refer to the contact information below. Don’t hesitate!

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department
OR 9-1-1
OR Your Local Police

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The top image is courtesy of Jose’s NamUs Database.

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