Find Missing John Randy French! ***SAD UPDATE: PRESUMED DECEASED)***

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Find Missing John Randy French!

Find missing John Randy French!
He mysteriously disappeared
While he was on a fishing trip!
But he didn’t vanish out of thin air.
Something happened.
What was it?

Find Missing John Randy French!

Find missing John Randy French! His is a mysterious disappearance from a fishing trip in Idaho. He is a missing Middle-aged adult of 54 years. John “Randy” French is his name. It was on THursday, June 29, 2017, that his family last saw him. At that time, Randy had left Boise, Idaho, to go fishing on the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho. According to his family, he planned to sleep in his truck while on the trip. When he was last seen, he was driving.

Find Missing John Randy French
Vehicle Description

The vehicle Randy was driving is shown in the top poster. And it is also seen in the embedded post below. His truck is described as a 2004 maroon Chevy Avalanche. It has the Idaho License Plate #:9435D. It is believed that Randy was last seen in the parking lot of the Salmon Rapids Lodge. He was last seen around 11:00 P.M. on June 29th. Reportedly, Randy’s truck was no longer there at 5:00 A.M. the next morning of Friday, June 30th. And that same morning, the last time his cell phone was pinged was around 5:00 A.M.

There is little physical description of Randy himself. He is a Caucasian male. Randy is described as 6’1″ tall. He has graying brown hair, a trimmed beard, and brown eyes.

One of Randy’s friends posted on his own Facebook Timeline on July 2, 2017. He posted what is found below.

Our friend, Randy French, is missing in the Riggins, Idaho area since Friday, 6/30. Last ping from the cell tower was at…

Posted by Lauren Walker on Sunday, July 2, 2017

Find Missing John Randy French!
We Can Help

This is a mysterious disappearance. And law enforcement need the public’s help to solve it. And his family and friends need our help to bring Randy home. What happened to him? Where is he? Someone (s) has information. Please share. Our shares can reach this someone (s) and save Randy’s life. As missing men get no publicity, it is up to us to broadcast his missing case. Have you seen John Randy French and/or his truck? Call 9-1-1 immediately. Do you have any information on Randy and/or his truck? Please contact the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (208) 983-1100.

His son recently posted an update:

7-8-17 update from Randy’s son:
I have an update for all of my amazing friends on here who have showed such concern about my fathers disappearance. A CPAP machine was found washed up on the shore of the salmon river 4 miles north of Riggins. We are fairly positive it is my father’s. This is a pretty clear indication that he ended up off the road and him and his truck went into the river in a deep area, explaining why such extensive ground searches didn’t turn up anything. So the focus of our search for now will be in the river. I thought I would give everyone an update since I’ve had so many gracious people come to me with information on help with an areal search. Thank you all so much. Bless all of you.

***UPDATE*** Authorities believe that they have found French’s body and vehicle in a body of water. But because of weather conditions, they won’t be able to do a search or confirm their findings for 30 days. Click here to read the article.

An article confirms Randy’s missing status. Click here to read the article.

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.

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