Find Missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!

Find Missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!

Find missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!
He is a military veteran!
But he’s getting no publicity, even local awareness.
This veteran has been missing at least five months.
He was last seen seen at his local VA hospital!
What happened? Where is he?

Find Missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!

Find missing Jimmy Lavon Vann! Jimmy is a veteran. He’s 55 years old. He was last heard from in March 2017. He was last known to be at a Veteran’s Administration (VA) medical center. It’s called the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center. This hospital is located on Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, South Carolina. Aside from this, this veteran is missing under unknown circumstances. No timeline exists. Did Jimmy go missing on foot or in a vehicle? Who last saw him? What was he doing? All these are unknown.

Find Missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!

Jimmy’s family no doubt gave this description. According to them, he loves to joke and make people laugh. He may be wearing eye glasses and may have an earring in his left ear. Jimmy is an African-American male. He’s described as 5’9″ and 160 pounds. Jimmy is described as bald. His eyes are blue. It’s unknown what Jimmy was wearing when last seen. There is no description of any known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them. This is a limited information case.

Find Missing Jimmy Lavon Vann!
Bring Him Home

We highly value and honor our veterans. And we should. Jimmy is a missing veteran. However, his case is receiving no publicity. Not even local publicity! In Internet searches, results don’t show up. Has this missing veteran slipped between the cracks? Jimmy can’t be found if no one knows he is missing. We know he’s loved and missed. A nonprofit could not have taken his case if his family hadn’t reached out to them. Aside from many Facebook shares, this veteran isn’t getting publicity. He has been missing at least five months. Someone (s) knows something!

Do you have any information that can help find Jimmy? Have you seen him? If so, please contact Investigator Boland at the Richland County Sheriff’s department. Call him at (803) 576-3000 or 9-1-1.
Report # 1707808527.

No results turned up when I sought press releases about this missing veteran.

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  • is he still missing??

    • findmissing
      2 years ago

      Let me check if he is still missing.

      • findmissing
        2 years ago

        There is very little information available about Jimmy Lavon Vann. He is apparently still missing. 🙁

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