Find Missing Jessie Foster!

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Find Missing Jessie Foster!

Find Missing person Jessie Foster!
She has been missing for exactly eleven years.
Eleven long years.

Find Missing Jessie Foster!
Her Disappearance

Find Missing Jessie Foster! Eleven years ago, this young woman went missing. A family member had contact her via phone. Jessie was at her residence in in North Las Vegas, Nevada. She was with her boyfriend. At the time, Jessie had gotten drawn into the Las Vegas sex trade. And, on March 28, 2006, she vanished. Never to be seen or heard from again. Investigators believe that she had wanted out of that trade. She may have been held against her will. Maybe foul play had come to her, causing her disappearance.

In any case, her whereabouts are a mystery. And have been for eleven years.

Help Find Missing Jessie Foster!

Find Missing Jessie Foster!
Her Details

Jessica Edith Louis Foster is a Caucasian white female. Nicknamed Jessie, she went missing on March 28, 2006. She disappeared from Las Vegas, Nevada. Jessie stood approximately 5’6” to 5’7” tall. when she went missing. When she vanished, this young woman weighed about 110 to 120 pounds. She has blonde hair. And it may have been dyed brown or have streaks in it. She may have worn it straight or curly. Her teeth are capped. Jessie has hazel eyes. At her disappearance, she wore two piercings in her left ear. This missing woman has three piercings in her right ear. Also, she’s got a piercing in her left nostril. Jessie has a piercing in her right eyebrow.

More details are available. Jessie may have also, at her disappearance, worn small earrings. She may have worn small diamond princess cut earrings and a ring with a round diamond. This missing young woman might have also worn a ring with a princess cut diamond. And an older poster shows a forensic sketch of Jessie. It depicts how she may have looked in 2010 at age 25. Four years after her disappearance. Jessie was a Canadian citizen who lives in the United States.

Find Missing Jessie Foster!
Face of Human Trafficking

Jessie Foster became the face of human trafficking. She’s one of the best-known missing young women who is a sex trafficking victim. Her mother, Glendene Grant, from the beginning, channeled her pain into advocacy. She had founded the Mothers Against Trafficking Humans non-profit organization. They have a Facebook page. From her reports, there have been some leads. But none of them had led to her missing daughter. Grant has three other grown children and grandchildren. She and her family never give up looking for Jessie.

Find Missing Jessie Foster!
We Can Help Bring Her Home

We cannot save the world. Nor can we find every missing person. Give back names to every unidentified person. Or help find justice for every victim. But maybe we can make a difference for one person. One family. This post asks us to change the world for one family. If we aren’t in the position to provide info to cops, we can share Jessie’s poster and info widely. Do it until the person with her info, is reached. And if you have information that can find her? Contact the North Vegas Police Department: (702)633-1715 or your local police.

Case Number: #06-9384 NamUs Case:#177.

Jessie’s mom, Glendene, who has always been proactive in the search for her missing daughter, posted on her Facebook page. It was set up to locate Jessie.

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Use Facebook? “Like” this page which has been set up for Jessie Foster.

Both posters and info are provided courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.. I’m not a partner of or affiliated with this nonprofit.

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